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Namman Muay is a warming agent which prepares the body for
strenuous activity, or aids in helping the body recuperate. Namman
Muay aids in maintaining consistency in training and strenuous
activity by helping eliminate or reduce nagging aches and pains.
Namman Muay is used by sport and massage therapists.
Throughout Thailand, Namman Muay is clearly visible in every
Muay Thai gym and camp, and at every fight promotion. Fighter's
bodies are rubbed with liniment after a slight warm-up such as
jumping rope. This is done at workouts and as a pre-fight procedure
and also after a bout. Stadiums include massaging areas with
benches where fighters have liniment such as Namman Muay applied.
In addition to being used in Muay Thai fights, Namman Muay is
also permitted by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF).
Regarding cornermen and trainers, the IKF rules state that
"liniment rubs such as Muay Thai Oil etc., may be used on the
fighter's body. Such liniments are not allowed on the fighter's
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