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Casey is 6'2" tall and weighs a whopping 260 pounds! He is from
New Jersey (although he doesn't have much of an accent ...) and
works in Manhattan. He enjoys flexing and posing in front of the
camera. Big, beefy body and a dominant, New York attitude!
He wears a variety of outfits from jeans, dress clothes, to
shorts and military fatigues. He has a huge bubble butt, or "a
man's butt" as he likes to call it! His voice is deep, soothing,
and masculine as he talks to you throughout the shoot. In one scene
he talks about how he learned discipline in the military and how he
would like to teach discipline to you! There are also several
different settings and locations, both inside and outdoors.
This is a solo muscle worship video. Contains nudity and J/O
scene. If you like to kneel before a real man or admire the muscles
on a guy who KNOWS what he's got, this is for YOU!