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LED light and UV lamp comparison:

1) power saving. UV lamps compared with fired tens of watts a day, more than a dozen watts it really is too economical. A year in electricity, buy a few table lamps.

2) do not need to change the lamp, UV lamp aging stores a sort of a small problem. Dead than alive, glowing purple, exchange, and money, only to change did not take long. No change in a hurry, of phototherapy gum somehow quit wasting time said guests there, we did a credibility. The LED life is theoretically 10 years, lamp beads epoxy polyester wrapped, not man-made destruction of, out of the shell on the ground can only be broken lights.

3) different wavelengths, will not have to worry about according to the black skin, long cancer spot health and peace of mind.

4) Province, as we all know, time is money. 3 minutes 30 seconds or 10 seconds according to LED lights time and UV really is not a starting line. And you can quickly have to take advantage of dry resin phototherapy, so we really can not ignore its existence.

5) environmental protection and waste disposal of a lamp, has been a concern. Like with sanding machine will not have a lot of filing strip discarded, we do not need to worry about the costs of electricity of the UV lamp costly fee places, time-consuming, bother, is the largest environmental. Of course, all good premise, phototherapy glue the LED.

In short, LED lights are still many benefits. More money, and additions to a project, and nail polish glue supporting, is still worth a try!
• • Use voltage: AC100-240V 50HZ (suitable for China, Europe, etc.)
• Product life: the normal use of more than 35,000 hours
• Curing time: Using LED modeling glue dries in less than 20 seconds
The LED bottom gum, drying time is less than 30 seconds

LED sealing layer, drying time of less than 50 seconds

LED triple glue (end of plastic modeling glue and seal coat), the drying time is less than 30 seconds

Product quality certification: CE

9, inspection: QC

10, aging test time: more than 2 hours

13 Inner packing: white box and sponge packaging

14 packaging types: double Valencia carton