Item Description
Features: Elegant appearance Style, simple elegant modeling.
Stable performance, high , use well in environment Input voltage
rage: AC 100-120V, 220-240V 60/50Hz. Output voltage scope: DC
1.25-17V. Continuously adjustable. The handset adopts the card
buckles tight structure, safety, conveniently disassembles.
Transmission system adopts the structure of dual absorption of
shock, Extremely quiet and smooth - No Vibration. 17000-19000RPM
Forward and reverse Operation switch. Over voltage and over current
protection intruction in machine. Specification: Main (power supply
& Control) part Rated voltage range:110-120V 50/60Hz Output
rated voltage DC2-17V Rated power input:10W Output current:0.8A
Hand piece(motor)part Working voltage:DC2-17V Rated current:0.56A
No load speed:17000-19000RPM Load speed:16000-18500RPM Package:
Main machine Handpiece Thirty types Pro bits set Six types basic
bits set Attention: -The beginning rotational speed is no more than
7000RPM. Then increase slowly after half an hour, which could
protect the handpiece and make it work longer. -To avoid the
handpiece being overheated, please stop using for about 10 minutes
after one-hour working. Creative Nail Design UV Gel LAMP - Pink
color Installation: 1, The windows of Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp
shall face to the front of the user 2, Connect the power line plug
into the electric socket Operation: 1, Press the power switch to ON
or "L", the indicator LED of time start switch is lighten. 2, Press
the delay switch to 12secs, press the time start switch, all of the
Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp are on, all machine in work 3, Put the
band into the region of lamp, until 120secs, all of the Ultraviolet
Radiation Lamp are off.At the same time, the process of dryness and
sterilzation are finished. 4, Press the Delay Switch to "time",
Ultraviolet Radiation Lamp are on, the time is infinite.At the same
time,press the power Switch to OFF or "O", the machine stop
working. 5, When the Delay Switch at "time", Ultraviolet Radiation
lamp work in the infinite then press the Delay switch to "120 sec",
the LED lamp lighten still,but the machine will into delay estate
again.The time to 120secs, the Ultraviolet Radiation lamp off. 6,
Press the power switch to OFF or "O", the power closed and 120S/
the machine stop working. Specification: 1, Rated voltage range:
110~120V; 220~240V 50/60Hz 2, Rated power: 36/42/45W 3, Rated
current: 0.2~0.35A 4, Working Temperature: -15℃
~ 50℃ Instructions: 1, Please accord the rated
voltage with the machine, or else it is easy to make the machine
broken 2, Please no try to plug out the power line when the machine
in work, unless you close the power switch. 3, Don`t make the water
and sundries and so on into the machine, or else the machine will
stop running as normal. 4, Use the wet cloth and litmusless scour
to sweep the dirty in the surface of machine.Please pay attention
to close the power switch. 5, Please plug the power line out of
electric socket, if you don`t use in long time. 6, Any unauthorized
disassembling of the product is prohibited. In case of any break
down, please contact the agent or authorized repair center. We
promise wise, high- and satisfactory service. 7, If the supply cord
is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacture, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in order avoid hazard. We ship
via EMS , DHL or UPS . It will depends on the location or the
products . One order over 50kg can get fix shipping costs . For the
orders weight less than 50kg , please Contact Us for details .
After shipping , we will inform you the shipping codes and the
details in each cartons . If the shipping problems make the cartons
broken and the products missed or damaged , please check the
cartons when you get them . And please confirm it with express
company . Also inform us with a list what are missed or damaged .
Don't worry , after confirm with the express companies , we will
fix such accidents . About Payment We accept Western Union , T/T
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after you place the order , in one week , please do the clear
payment , and around 10days we will ship : EMS : everyday only ship
one carton , around 6-10days for shipping time Can You Make The
Products According To My Special Demands Yes , please feel free to
Contact Us , we will talk about it . Material: ABS As long as the
battery can be used to provide a variety of different colors are