Item Description


The Mystic Box 750 is a portable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit  used for storing and charging your electronic cigarette on the go.


The Mystic Box 750 is revolutionary new electronic cigarette start kit designed especially for the smokeron the go.  How it works is really simple.

Charging your Starter Kit is simple, all you do is place the e-cigarette battery into the battery slot, close the lid, and plug into your computer. Once charged, you can carry around the Mystic Box Kit for up 8-10 hours. As soon as your done smoking, screw the battery back into the pack and instantly the Electronic Cigarette recharges itself.

The Mystic Box Kit always lets you know when it needs to be charged and when your electronic cigarette is charging. All you have to do is look at the carrying case for the LED light indicators.

With the Mystic Box Starter Kits you will receive: one high powered lithium battery, one atomization chamber and two refillable cartridges. 


The Mystic Box 750 Starter Kit Comes in 5 Colors: Black, Silver, Aqua, Blue, and Gold