Item Description
The Complete 10th Season 4 On 4 DVD's The
Best Quality Out There Or Your Money Back 
First shown: April 11, 1999.

Opening: The bots are confused about why
their "wet T-shirt contest" is so dull; commercial sign

Intro: The malfunctions on the SOL get worse;
Pearl and the gang don't care

Host segment 1: With Gypsy malfunctioning,
Mike tries to take command, with the expected results.

Host segment 2: *Everything* goes wrong on
the SOL, but nobody in Castle Forrester can help because a
soultaker has appeared--and it's TV'S FRANK!

Host segment 3: The mysterious visitor who
saved the ship appears on the bridge--and it's JOEL! He fills in
the bots on what he's been up to, and he and Mike share a tender

End: Joel's completes repairs on the SOL,
says hi to Frank, and departs with some uplifting words to
M&TB; in Castle Forrester, Bobo and Frank hit it off.

Stinger: Mom ogles her daughter (ew!).
First shown: April 18, 1999.

Opening: Crow explains his WWBSMD bracelet;
Pearl has evil plans.

Intro: More bracelets; Pearl, seeking board
certification from the Institute of Mad Scientists, impresses the
visiting inspector.

Host segment 1: Crow exacts petty, childish
revenge on Mike.

Host segment 2: Crow is shakin' his
moneymaker, much to Mike's dismay.

Host segment 3: Mike sings in the rain,
causing much havoc.

End: The movie has caused M&TB dress like
the ugly thug in the movie and chuckle; this fails to impress the
inspector--but Brain Guy does!

Stinger: "Oh, God, I wish I had that pretty
mind back!"
First shown: September 12, 1999.

Opening: M&TB are into 1920s-era college

Intro: Pearl's latest IMS assignment makes
Servo a despotic ruler, briefly, though Bobo taints the control

Host segment 1: "Niche reviewers" Crow and
Servo review each other; both get panned.

Host segment 2: Servo acquires a magical
spell book, which turns Mike into an infant. Waah.

Host segment 3: Mike shows off his collection
of Ernest Borgnine childrens' books, which are decidedly dark.

End: Pearl sends Bobo to the SOL disguised as
an evil toy monkey, but M&TB send him back; Pearl sums up her
progress, while Brain Guy tries the vacuum-bump bit on Bobo.

Stinger: Little kid sings: "Rock 'n' roll
First shown: April 25, 1999.

Opening: The Bots calculate how many times a
lady Gypsy is.

Intro: Pearl conducts LSD experiments on the

Host segment 1: Tom makes a pair of legs so
he can kickbox, but Gypsy has a leg up on him.

Host segment 2: M&TB thank Pearl for not
killing them, which puts a crimp in her plans.

Host segment 3: Droppy the Water Droplet

End: Mike has a biiig chin; Pearl explodes
Bobo and Brain Guy's plans for going on the road.

Stinger: The future warrior's shirt is
head-butted right off.
First shown: May 2, 1999.

Opening: Crow enjoys a nice chaw.

Intro: Crow labels his chaw cans; Pearl
conducts a maternal love deprivation experiment.

Host segment 1: Mike becomes wedged in the
bulkhead of Crow's evil voiceover

Host segment 2: Gone fishin'.

Host segment 3: Brain Guy & Bobo
demonstrate Crow & Tom's naked acting theory.

End: Crow & Tom show off their
specialized food carrying cases; Pearl's mer-monkey has an admirer.

Stinger: "Sargassum! The weed of
First shown: May 9, 1999.

Opening: Crow and Mike's Cub Scout meeting is
crashed by Servo the Brownie.

Intro: Now Servo's a Flemish glass blower;
Pearl's potato-powered evil plan.

Host segment 1: M&TB's flashbacks get
fuzzier and fuzzier.

Host segment 2: Pearl cooks up a monster
legend, complete with haunting, evocative folk song.

Host segment 3: Tom takes up whittling in a
big way.

End: Crow's tends to his fires; Pearl's
legend biz gets kicked in the ankle

Stinger: "I saw the little creature."
First shown: June 13, 1999.

Opening: Crow and Tom are blossoming

Intro: Mike's attempts to escape using a
remote-control Bobo.

Host segment 1: The bots rush the Halloween
season, and hollow embarrassment ensues.

Host segment 2: This week on Legends of Rock:
The Band That Played "California Lady."

Host segment 3: Crow and Tom rig a remote
camera, and catch a glimpse of Mike's disturbing bedtime routines.

End: Crow has injured a baby satellite, but
soon all is well; Brain Guy and a brain-exposed Bobo bond, much to
Pearl's displeasure.

Stinger: "Moon rocks? Oh, wow!"
First shown: June 20, 1999.

Opening: Tom considers the unexplored
implications of the song "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

Intro: M&TB are plagued by Yes orchestra
hits; Pearl encourages humor in the workplace.

Host segment 1: M&TB demonstrate to Pearl
how repeating the same sequence can be annoying.

Host segment 2: Crow & Tom encounter cute
little Goosio. They hogpile him.

Host segment 3: Crow's report on Malta
includes a good deal of slander on the subject of Maltese men.

End: Having suffered through a really bad Joe
Don Baker movie, Mike assumes it's his turn to escape. He's wrong,
the poor dope. Meanwhile, Funny Dress-Up Day at Castle Forrester
takes a horrifying turn.

Stinger: "Yew think yew kin take me? Go 'head
on. It's yer move."
1009- HAMLET
First shown: June 27, 1999

Opening: Tom Servo is now Htom Sirveaux.

Intro: Crow has a name change too; Mike
interrupts Pearl's plan with Three Card Monty -- which she loses,
allowing Mike to pick the movie.

Host segment 1: Crow & Tom's plan to be
the ghost of one of Mike's dead relatives quickly unravels.

Host segment 2: Crow & Tom give Mike a
preview of their percussion version of "Hamlet."

Host segment 3: Time once again to play "Alas
Poor Who?"

End: Crow & Tom show off their Hamlet
action figure, with real soliloquy action; in Castle Forrester, a
snotty Fortenbras demands his due.

Stinger: Claudius does a double take.
First shown: July 18, 1999.

Opening: Mike quizzes Crow & Tom on
colors and the moods they cause.

Intro: Pearl tries tactical misdirection so
M&TB won't notice that she's spraying poison on them, causing

Host segment 1: Mike & Tom can't deny
that they didn't forget that Crow's not Mary Tyler Moore.

Host segment 2: Finding Mike unconscious and
foaming at the mouth, Crow & Tom assume the worst.

Host segment 3: Mike seeks Pearl's opinion on
his new moustache, but Crow's larger 'stache impresses her more.
Tom takes the premise too far, however.

End: Tom is dissatisfied by his franchisee
kit from the Buddy Ebsen Hat Distressing Corporation; Pearl
tortures Bobo and Brain Guy with slides from her many honeymoons.

Stinger: Bat guy says "Well?" then
First shown: July 25, 1999.

Opening: Mike finds out that Crow has a
syndicated newspaper column.

Intro: Pearl has moved Castle Forrester to a
new neighborhood.

Host segment 1: Mike gets himself trapped in
the giant spider web Crow and Tom have put up.

Host segment 2: Mike is auditioning dancers,
and Pearl, Brain Guy and Bobo try out.

Host segment 3: M&TB want to know if it's
true that you become languid and sexy when you survive a crash--and
there's only one way to find out.

End: Mike has become a giant spider--well,
sort of; as Pearl calls in from a rest stop on the way to moving
Castle Forrester back, Bobo finds some toys.

Stinger: The girls scream from the
1012- SQUIRM

with short: "A CASE OF SPRING FEVER"
First shown: August 1, 1999.

Opening: The SOL's annual safety check
reveals a surprising lack of same.

Intro: Pearl is throwing a Castle Forrester
Fair, and Tom and Crow's livestock entry surprises Mike.

Host segment 1: Crow rashly wishes that Mike
didn't exist, and sure enough, Mikey the sprite appears to grant
his wish and enforce Crow and Tom's somewhat reluctant repentance.

Host segment 2: Tom comes down with severe
Southern Belleness.

Host segment 3: Mike's plan to create mutant
killer worms instead results in a tasty snack.

End: Crow takes a fall from his reeeally high
platorm shoes; Pearl forces Brain Guy demonstrate the Fair's bungee
jump attraction, which has some flaws.

Stinger: "You gon' be da worm face!"
First shown: August 8, 1999.

Opening: M&TB discover the SOL employee
handbook, which seems not entirely progressive.

Intro: Pearl has a new joystick to mess with
the SOL, but it breaks, accidentally causing the SOL to begin
landing. M&TB are thrilled (though Crow is nauseous); Pearl is
less thrilled.

Host segment 1: Crow and Mike are packed;
while Servo begins disposing of the many extra hims on the ship.

Host segment 2: In Castle Forrester,
everybody is lining up new gigs: Pearl has accepted an offer to be
dictator for life of Qatar, Bobo has a great new position at the
zoo and Brain Guy of stuff going on.

Host segment 3: Crow has become fearful of
returning to Earth, so Mike sings a little reassuring song, which
helps, but also succeeds in scaring Servo.

End: The SOL nearly disintigrates during
re-entry, but M&TB survive the crash. We leave Mike, Crow and
Servo (Gypsy has launched ConGypsCo) happily sharing a small
apartment, and settling in to watch a bad movie--"The Crawling
Eye"--on TV. As they begin to riff on it, it occurs to Crow that
the movie seems familar. --FADE OUT.--

Stinger: "Is that stud coming?"