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If the sight of a huge bodybuilder gets you going,
these videos are for you! They each feature a muscular dude up
close and personal, in a variety of costumes and settings. Most
have little dialogue and have background music. These are produced
by Dynamite Studios.
Dynamite Studios produces two genre of bodybuilding
Muscleweb videos contain no frontal nudity.
Musclehunks contain full nudity, often with release!
Please note that this DVD is a Muscleweb, and contains no
Stefan Havlik got into the astonishing condition
you see here just to appear before our cameras. A soldier by
profession, Stefan follows a rigorous bodybuilding lifestyle
without always feeling the need to compete.
The footage obtained from Stefan's Budapest shoot
in summer 2004 remains some of the most unforgettable muscle
sequence ever seen. Not to be missed by any serious muscle fan:
Stefan's mind-blowing sword play performance.
Muscleweb DVDs retail for $39, and Musclehunk DVDs
(which feature nude bodybuilders and are generally a little longer
in length) retail for $49. Please note that Dynamite Studios does
not produce box covers for their DVDs or VHS tapes.