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Musclegods defined erotic muscle worship on the web
12 years ago. Muscle worship, muscle domination, muscle love ...
you'll find the videos take you beyond mere muscle fantasy.
This is TRUE MUSCLE WORSHIP! Not the typical pretty
boy flex, pose, flex, pose, shower, bed, beat-off crap you've seen
a million times.
If you're into muscle worship and muscle fantasy,
these are the hard muscled strippers, competitive bodybuilders, and
musclegod musclemen you crave. No one else does muscle worship like
MUSCLEGODS! (Musclegod videos do NOT contain sexual situations, but
do contain nudity.)
Seller's note: these DVDs are awesome. They are all
solo action featuring power-packed, muscular dudes. They talk to
the camera as if they were talking to you. The special effects and
camera work are top notch. The zooms and close-ups will blow you
away. These DVDs are much more than just a muscular guy posing; the
guys are trying to seduce you using their bodies ... up close and
personal! Sometimes, what they say is just as sexy as what they
Video lengths range from 35-80 minutes. This
listing is for:
Musclegods #28: BODY GODS.
Here is a description taken from the website:
Come play with the Body gods. They’re
lonely for a little bit of your attention. Nothing makes them
happier...or hornier...than just a stare as they flex their rock
hard biceps. Even better if you tell them just what that bicep does
to you, how it makes you feel.. Come on, there are three super
studs on this DVD just hungering for your praise, Talk to them.
Tell them how beautiful and strong and studly they are.
That’s all it takes. A few words and you can see the effects
right away. Off come the briefs and there, standing HARD and STIFF
at attention are their big thick dicks, pumped with blood and more.
Go ahead, give them what they crave. They’ve got a lot to
offer in return!