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Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley had a special friendship based on a strong mutual admiration. In fact, a famous Ali quote makes reference to Elvis:

People don't realize what they had till it's gone.

Like President Kennedy - nobody like him.

Like The Beatles,

there will never be anything like them.

Like my man, Elvis Presley -

I was the Elvis of boxing.

In February of 1973, Ali and Elvis met in Las Vegas. During the visit, Elvis gave Ali a robe emblazoned with the words "The People's Champion." In turn, Ali gave Elivs boxing gloves inscribed"You're the Greatest" on the right glove. And, of course, they posed for photographs. This is one of the more famous of these photos, showing "The King Sparring With The Greatest." Don't miss this opportunity to own this AWESOME EXTREMELY RARE REPRODUCTION (Preprint) of authentic autograph(s) of these two LARGER-THAN-LIFE Icons.

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is issued with each of our items GUARANTEEING that the autograph(s) that is preprinted is authentic & that the original was obtained thru private collections or from celebrities at various functions.  Our items are available for pennies on the dollar of the cost of an original, are of professional quality & are ready for framing.
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