Item Description
Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay 19-Disc Career Set
Arguably, the best boxer in boxing history. Watch his
fights throughout his controversial career (newer fights in color
and older fights in black & white)
Also includes some pre-fights/weigh
ins, interviews, documentaries throughout this set!!!
vs Zbigniew Pietrzykowski [Olympic Games 1960 Light
Heavyweight Final]
vs Alonzo Johnson
vs Sonny Banks
vs Billy Daniels
vs Archie Moore
vs Doug Jones
vs Doug Jones Prefight
vs Henry Cooper I
vs Sonny Liston I
vs Sonny Liston II
vs Floyd Patterson I
vs George Chuvallo I
vs Henry Cooper II
vs Brian London
vs Karl Mildenberger
vs Cleveland Williams
vs Ernie Terrell
vs Zora Folley
vs Jerry Quarry I
vs Oscar Bonavena
vs Joe Frazier I
vs Jimmy Ellis
vs Buster Mathis
vs Juergen Blin
vs Mac Foster
vs George Chuvalo II
vs Jerry Quarry II
vs Alvin "Blue" Lewis
vs Floyd Patterson II
vs Bob Foster
vs Joe Bugner I
vs Ken Norton I
vs Ken Norton II
vs Rudi Lubbers
vs Joe Frazier II
vs George Foreman [The Rumble In The Jungle]
vs Chuck Wepner
vs Ron Lyle
vs Joe Bugner II
vs Joe Frazier III [The Thrilla In Manilla]
vs Jean-Pierre Coopman
vs Jimmy Young
vs Richard Dunn
vs Ken Norton III
vs Alfredo Evangelista
vs Earnie Shavers
vs Leon Spinks I
vs Leon Spinks II
vs Larry Holmes
vs Trevor Berbick [This was Ali's last fight before
retiring in 1981]