Item Description
This ad is for 50 Boxing Career Fights of the man who is
recognized as the best Heavyweight Boxer of all time. He is known
as The Greatest Muhammad Ali . This is the very Best Quality and
most complete Ali Set Around. Its jam packed with Fight Action plus
loads of extra footage featuring this truly Great Fighter. You get
41 Explosive DVD's with motion menus, music, and chaptered rounds.
Each DVD will come in a separate paper sleeve for added protection.
Own this amazing set today for a very low price. The complete list
of Footage is below. I dont offer refunds but i will gladly replace
any defective disc. All Orders are processed within 72 hours and
then shipped USPS First class, or Priority mail depending on the
size of the order. All Orders will have a tracking number available
upon request. Please allow a total of 7-10 days for items to reach
you. thanks for the interest and let me know if you have any

Disc 1
Ali vs. Liston I
Ali vs. Liston II

Disc 2
Ali vs. Patterson I

Disc 3
Ali vs. Chuvalo I
Ali vs. Cooper II
Ali vs. London

Disc 4
Ali vs. Mildenberger
Ali vs. C. Williams

Disc 5
Ali vs. Terrell
Ali vs. Folley

Disc 6
Ali vs. Quarry I
Ali vs. Bonavena

Disc 7
Ali vs. Frazier I
Ali-Frazier Pre Fight Press Conference

Disc 8
Ali vs. Ellis
Ali vs. Mathis

Disc 9
Ali vs. Blin
Ali vs. M. Foster
Ali vs. Chuvalo II

Disc 10
Ali vs. Quarry II
Ali vs. A. Lewis
Ali vs. Patterson II

Disc 11
Ali vs. B. Foster
Ali vs. Bugner I

Disc 12
Ali vs. Norton I
Ali vs. Norton II

Disc 13
Ali vs. Lubbers

Disc 14
Ali vs. Frazier II
Ali-Frazier Studio Brawl

Disc 15
Ali vs. Foreman
Ali vs. Wepner

Disc 16
Ali vs. Lyle
Ali vs. Bugner II

Disc 17
Ali vs. Frazier III
One Nation Divisible

Disc 18
Ali vs. Coopman
Ali vs. J. Young
Ali vs. Dunn

Disc 19
Ali vs. Norton III

Disc 20
Ali vs. Evangelista

Disc 21
Ali vs. Shavers

Disc 22
Ali vs. Spinks I

Disc 23
Ali vs. Spinks II

Disc 24
Ali vs. Holmes
Ali vs. Berbick

Disc 25
Ali vs. A. Johnson
Ali vs. Banks
Ali vs. Daniels
Ali vs. Moore
Ali vs. Jones

Disc 26
Ali vs. Cooper
Ali vs. Rocky Marciano
Ali vs. Michael Dokes (Exhibition)

Disc 27
Ali-Frazier Documentary

Disc 28
The Sweet Science
Sports Century

Disc 29
Ali Rap
Ali- Foreman on 60 Minutes

Disc 30
Cassius Clay's Greatest Hits
Cassius Clay The Early Years

Disc 31
Ringside King of the World

Disc 32
Ringside Banned From Boxing

Disc 33
Muhammad Ali- Through The Eyes of The World

Disc 34
King of The World (Movie)

Disc 35
The Greatest (Movie)