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A Great Holiday Special starring the near-sighted
comedian...Mr. Magoo. This ia a great animated adaptation of
Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" where Ebenezer Scrooge
(played by Mr. Magoo, whos voiced by Jim
Backus) runs his own business and is clearly a skinflint and a
jerk. Isolated from others by his own accord, on Christmas Eve the
misanthrope receives a visit from the ghost of Jacob Marley (Royal
Dano), his old partner. Condemned to remain in limbo, Marley warns
Scrooge that he’ll suffer the same fate if he doesn't
clean up his act.
Scrooge initially discounts this incident, but then he receives
additional visits from other ghosts. One takes him to Christmas
Present, where he sees the poor but loving family of his employee
Bob Cratchit (Jack Cassidy). Scrooge learns that Cratchit's
son Tiny Tim (Joan Gardner) will die without significant medical
From their Scrooge goes to Christmas Past, where he watches his
childhood emotional pain as well as some romance and his ultimate
shift from human affection to monetary gain. Lastly, the Ghost of
Christmas Future shows Scrooge his own fate as well as that of Tiny
Tim. When the ghosts finish with Scrooge, he changes his ways and
becomes a serious party animal. This DVD comes WITH NO
CASE OR ART WORK!!! Recorded onto a Brand New DVD-R, and
shipped in a paper sleeve, shipped by 1st class mail. I always ship
with-in 1 business day of recieving payment.