Item Description

Move  -  Family Tree

Tendolar label stereo soundboard recordings

Silver compact disc factory pressing

29 tracks:

 1)  Dr. Feelgood

 2)  Pretty Things

 3)  A Thing Of The Past

 4)  Skeleton and the Roundabout

 5)  The Lady Who Said She Could Fly

 6)  Don't Put Your Boys In The Army, Mrs. Ward

 7)  Knocking Nails Into My House

 8)  Fight For My Country

 9)  Janie Slow Down

10)  Wm. Chalker's Time Machine

11)  Groovy Booby Jam

12)  I Can Touch A Rainbow

13)  Lightning Never Strikes Twice

14)  Hello Susie

15)  It's All Right

16)  A Friend

17)  Ebenezer

18)  Our Love Is In The Pocket

19)  This Is Love

20)  You Could Be Fun

21)  Shimmy-Shammy Jungle

22)  What's A Matter, Baby

23)  Walk Upon The Water

24)  Night of Fear

25)  I Can Hear The Grass Grow (edit)

26)  Quiet Explosion

27)  A Good Idea

28)  What A Sweet Thing That Was

29)  Message In A Bottle