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Brand Valeo
Product type Starter
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Moto Guzzi
VALEO Starter Motor (New).
Includes Bosch Super Plus Spark
Plugs x 2 !
VALEO Anlasser (Neu),
Demarreur Motor (Nouveau)
This is genuine Original Equipment VALEO new
starter made in France; Ships in Valeo packaging not a white box.
This is the same starter available from the vehicle manufacturer -
not an aftermarket copy from
2 YEAR / 24 month
warranty !
Fits MOST 1969-2004 Moto Guzzi; 1.2 Kw Cranking
Original Equipment Starter Retrofits Most 5-Speed
Applications without modification 1972 - 2004.
Replaces old worn-out Marelli and Bosch starters
Can also be retrofitted to 4-speed applications back to
1969 with minor hardware retrofitment
( which I also can supply, along with a 2-page
installation guideline Free of Charge - please request at time of
transaction )
! ! !
also retrofit Lucas 8-tooth inertia
drive starters !
Moto Guzzi Reference #'s 30
73 07 10, and 30 73 07 11.
New Starter manufactured by
2 YEAR / 24 month warranty
Buy from a motorcycle specialist and enthusiast !
Retrofits ALL Moto Guzzi's with conventional
solenoid starter, with 8-tooth (Bosch) and 9-tooth
starter drive (Bosch and Valeo).
Valeo Part # D6RA21,supercedes
to D6RA210.
Power Rating 1.2Kw.
This is a brand new factory
fresh starter. ( NOT a "take-off" and NOT a remanufactured
Why buy used or rebuilt when you can have a brand new OE
starter ?
Manufactured in France by Valeo
NOT A Chinese copy
as offered by other sites who also copy this ad's application
Improved permanent magnet
Permanent magnet style starter
will also retrofit older Bosch field coil starters (0.7 Kw). More
efficient high strength permanent magnets replace conventional
field coils, requiring less amperage to turn the starter over. This
allows the battery to provide increased voltage and amperage to the
ignition and fuel injection system resulting in faster rpm
turnovers and quicker starts with less amp draw on the battery. New
technology provides lighter (~ 7 pounds) starter motor with 70%
more cranking torque than the old Bosch design.
This is the original equipment late-style starter
for Moto Guzzi, from 1988 to current model year.
1.2 Kilowatt rating means this
starter put outs 70% more cranking torque with 14% less amperage
draw than a Bosch starter.
Old Bosch starter specs (when new) --
0.7 Kilowatt @ 320 amp.
New Valeo starter specs --
1.2 Kilowatt @ 275 amp
This same exact starter sells
for $400.00 + @ Moto Guzzi USA Dealer !
18 Month Warranty !
Includes Free of Charge two (x 2) BOSCH Super
Spark Plugs
WR5DC+, WR6DC+, WR7DC+ -- Fit most model
year application.
These are the latest Super Plus
Spark Plugs with Ytrium center electrode and V-groove ground

A super value with
your purchase !
Also included with BUY NOW -- FOC Priority Mail Shipping
(2-3 day delivery service)
Mailing to Europe is US$30.00
Also available VALEO STARTERS:
BMW R "airhead" and "oilhead" models.
Express service and shipping
Accept PayPal or credit card
Also have most service repair components available for
starters for
Moto Guzzi.
Major service repair
components for
VALEO starters available including;
Field Magnet Housings
with improved adhesive for magnets ; $49.00
Clockwise for BMW R Airhead
Counter-clockwise for BMW R Oilhead & Moto
Drive Fork Levers
NEW Product
Charging System Kit 450
watt rated Alternator System for retro-fitment to 1975-1992 Moto
Guzzi. $489.00
Rectifier / Voltage
Regulator ; 2 part #'s for ALL Moto Guzzi's . Combination
electronic hybrid transitorized system updates your charging system
with modern technology !
Part # EDL-VoltRect ; Replaces Bosch 3-phase
diode board, 1970-1992.
Mounts remotely for ample cooling !
Part # EDLGUZ-VoltRect ; Fits all 1993-on
Ducati Energia charging systems. $109.00 (OE
version Part # EDL450-VoltRect $139.00)
see my other ebay listings or
for more information...
Please feel free to communicate for more information for the
most efficient and RELIABLE starters and rectifier/ voltage
regulator available for your GUZZI.
Free Freight for 2nd unit; Buy two or more starters and I will
pay the freight difference !
International bidders should contact regarding special
competitive shipping rates to Europe, Australia. ( Approximately ~
US$45.00 to $50.00 or less... )
For more information -
1.303.526.0901 or
visit for more information on Voltage Regulators, Oil

Super Spark Plugs, and other
BOSCH Premium
Quality products at value prices !
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