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Moroccan Liquid Gold Argan Oil

Hair Treatment 8 Oz.

Moroccan Liquid Gold Argan Oil with instant action
Elaborated with 100% Virgin Organic Argan Oil
Special formula for all types of hair eliminating all damages and abuse for a maximun benefit and health

Doctor Cabello Argan Oil Capillary conditioning line is based in Argan oil rich in essential fatty acids as Omega 6 and Vitamin E contains multi-properties invigorating, hydrating, nourishing and reparation of your capillary health and life extraordinary. Instant absorption products by the different hair's layers to a wonderful result in the elimination of all damages and abuse hair for maximum softness and health. High quality natural product, for all types of hair counteracting the effects of different process such as bleaching, straightening, coloring or climatic effects.
argania spinosa kernel oil, water, silk amino acids, bensyl ether, citric acid
After washing. apply deep treatment argan oil uniformly for about 15 minutes and remove with plenty water. (apply with hair iron or dryer if you preffer)

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