Item Description

1: LZ-518 The appearance of the atmosphere, than the market took a hand held scanner compared: a smaller, lighter, more portable, ergonomic design, more stable, feel more comfortable.

2: LZ-518 Using the built-in 450MA lithium battery and external AAA alkaline battery hybrid power supply design, and with the mobile phone, computer and other general USB interface mode. The more convenient.

3: Usually you only need to use lithium batteries to supply power if the scanner, lithium battery charging and inconvenient, you can buy a pair of AA alkaline batteries use, very convenient.

4: A pair of alkaline battery market price of about 6 yuan RMB, a week with a battery, a month with 4 batteries, 48 batteries a year on year; spend about 288 yuan, and the machine does not require the use of alkaline batteries, so very green and save money.

5: LZ-518One charge can be long time continuous interval of about 120 minutes, scan color documents high of more than 1200 pieces.

6: LZ-518Using 6 colors the whole color design ( 288 Hong, colorful colorful colorful pink, blue, purple, color green, black ), to meet different types of consumer groups.

7: The largest A4 paper, net weight 0.155kg.

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