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Directed by Ignasi P, Ferre this Spanish zombie flick rates high on the sleaze and horror meter. Early 80's Spanish exploitation at it's finest. SPANISH LANGUAGE ONLY. Ignasi P. Ferre directed this sleazy as hell Spanish zombie horror in 1983."Morbus" tells the story of a chemist, who created a bizarre formula which has something to do with raising the dead.Two prostitutes, who take their customers into the woods are attacked by flesh-eating ghouls. One hooker and her client are killed.The other flees and finds shelter at the home of a reclusive novelist, who is writing a book about zombies.The girl is forced to stay at the writer's house when his assistant sabotages the writer's car and he can't give her a ride back to town. In the meantime a group of bicicle-riding Devil-worshippers having an orgy are eaten by zombies."Morbus" is delirious and disjointed fun with laughably bad acting and loads of full-frontal nudity. If you are a fan of Spanish exploitation give this sleazy oddity a look. DVD-R Will play on any  DVD recorder / player manufactured since 2000.   Free worldwide shipping included .