Item Description
Monster Bop is a compilation of great "ghoulish" fun.
Digitally remastered from the original 45's.
Original Buffalo Bop German import-
1994 Silver compact disc factory pressing
30 Tracks:
 1)  Rockin' In The Graveyard   (Jackie
 2)  Were Wolf   (Carl Bonafede)
 3)  Caveman Hop   (Jerry Coulston)
 4)  The Cat   (Rod Willis)
 5)  Midnight Monsters Hop   (Jack & Jim)
 6)  Nightmare   (Scottie Stuart)
 7)  Graveyard   (Leroy Bowman)
 8)  The Skeleton Fight   (Mack Allen Smith)
 9)  The Monster Hop   (Jimmy Dee)
10)  Story That's True   (Carl Bonafede)
11)  The Gorilla   (Bert Convy)
12)  Leopard Man   (Joe Wallace)
13)  Nightmare Hop   (Earl Patterson)
14)  The Monster   (Bobby Please)
15)  Graveyard   (The Phantom Five)
16)  Caveman   (Tommy Roe)
17)  Mad House Stomp   (The Daylighters) 
18)  Jekyll And Hyde   (Jim Burgett)
19)  Haunted House   (Cris Kevin)
20)  The Head Hunters   (Mike Fern)
21)  I'm The Wolf Man   (Round Robin)
22)  Frankenstein's Den   (Hollywood Flames)
23)  The Monster Hop   (Bert Convy)
24)  Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein   (Carlos Casal,
25)  I Was A Teenage Monster   (The Keytones)
26)  You Can Get Him Frankenstein   (The Castle
27)  The Gila Monster   (Joe Johnson)
28)  Frankenstein Rock   (Eddie Thomas)
29)  I Was A Teenage Caveman   (Randy Luck)
30)  Frankie Frankenstein   (Ivan)