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This documentary conceived by filmmaker Harvey Keith and "Night Flight" producer Stuart S. Shapiro, focuses on a wide array of artists, poets, musicians, comedians, perverts, criminals, psychopaths, and drug users who defined the downtown New York art scene of the 1980's. Our tour guide, a nameless blonde women in denim played by Shannah Laumeister, quietly walks from one unorthodox venue to another, soaking up the city's unique culture over the course of a single day. Lydia Lunch opens the proceedings with some of her infamous spoken word performance set against the backdrop of the world famous New York City skyline at night. Next we enter a club where musician / actress Phoebe Legere (Toxic Avenger 2 & 3) writhes on the stage in an erotic stupor, and slowly strips off the majority of her clothing while singing her hit single "Marilyn Monroe". This leads our guide to a church, where an audience sitting in pews watches performance artist Joe Coleman bite the heads off two rodents, scream out phrases like "syphilic cunt fossils", and explodes firecrackers on his chest. We get a brief interview with Coleman after the performance as he holds court in his bizarre apartment and discusses his love for serial killer Richard Speck. We arrive in a basement just in time to see wheelchair bound & cerebral palsy suffering performance artist Frank Moore in the midst of one of his notorious erotic performance rituals. Porn stars Annie Sprinkle & Veronica Vera are on hand to finger paint on Moore's crippled nude body and wrap each other in cellophane as poetry is read in the background.
Next is Joey Arias dressed like a flamenco-inspired devil, who serenades are guide with a tune called "Fish Out Of Water" in some sort of outdoor junkyard-esque art installation. Heading over to the fountain in Washington Square Park , we find the late comedians Charlie Barnett (D.C. Cab, They Bite) & Rick Aviles (Ghost, Carlito's Way) entertaining a large crowd with some inspired stand-up comedy. Inevitably arriving in Central Park, there's artist / actress Ann Magnuson (The Hunger, Desperately Seeking Susan) reciting a poem about "prime interest rates" to a giant turkey. She proceeds to literally beat a dead horse with a mattenklopper before chasing our guide away. In a night club, Joey Arias returns to perform an elegant, jazzy rendition of "A Hard Days' Night" in drag followed by John Sex performing "Hustle With My Muscle" (shortly before his death in 1990).
The film hits it's peak with a savage performance from artist Karen Finley performing a scathing spoken word piece enitled "I Hate Yellow". The show culminates with Finley stripping down to her panties, covering her nude body with egg yolks and glitter, and screaming an attack on the yuppie mindset ("I'm not gonna let you gang rape me, yuppie"!). We end our journey standing before bald, long-legged drag queen Dean Johnson as he performs "Fuck You" with the Weenies, and our journey comes to a close. However, what Mondo film would be complete if along the way we weren't subjected to other depravities such as a nipple-clamping, ass-spanking S&M club, an asian sex slave auction, some slam dancing at a Manitoba's Wild Kingdom gig, and a good old-fashioned cockfight!

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