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MONDAY (2000) – A Film by SABU

Hiroyuki Tanaka, who directs under the name SABU, is celebrated for his inventive style and humorous story-
telling, and he has quickly become a highly regarded director in both Japan and overseas, particularly in Europe, having established himself with energetic screwball crime capers. MONDAY is a comedy as well, but a darkly surreal one. Conservative salary-man Takagi (Shinichi Tsutsumi) wakes up fully clothed and disoriented in a strange hotel room. Memories slowly return as he sits on his bed: an envelope of purification salt reminds he of an explosive experience at a friend's funeral wake, and a photo brings back this last bad date with his girlfriend, followed by a very drunken yakuza encounter with lots of dancing and fun with a shotgun. Suddenly,
he discovers that it's Monday, the police are outside, and they have come for him. Don't worry, because the film ends with a message, but you may spend a bit figuring what that is...

And what does director SABU say about the message? "Some people do what they think is logical, others do not. When I write my scripts, I'm always more interested in situations which are not entirely logical...Each film I have made contains a message, that much is true, but I do not want to impose views. I'd rather have an audience who enjoy the movie, and realize what I meant by it afterwards. That is why I had the idea to have this character that drinks a lot in Monday. He wakes up the next morning without knowing what has happened and
ends up in the most bizarre situations, precisely because of his unwillingness to do what is logical...I do not wish to express my point of view in serious films. I need a lot of humor to balance the drama. I do not think a lot about messages."

Includes an 18-minute behind-the-scenes featurette and trailers.

Widescreen NTSC ALL-REGION With English Subtitles

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