Item Description
Missing Children: A Mother's Story (AKA Stolen Children: A Mother's Story)
**This version has the Stolen Children title card**
Deserted by her no-good husband, Kate Bradshaw (Mare Winningham), an illiterate, unemployed mother of three, proves to be easy prey for a smooth-talking older woman, Mary Gertrude (Polly Holliday). Persuaded to enroll her kids in Mary Gertrude's "child care center," Kate soon realizes to her horror that she has given up her youngsters to a crooked private adoption agency. In her subsequent battle to reclaim her children, Kate runs up against a brick wall of political conspiracy and corruption.
Starring Mare Winningham, Polly Holliday, John Anderson, Kate Capshaw, Scatman Crothers, Peter Scolari and Noble Willingham
Directed by Dick Lowry
Never released on home video in any format. VERY RARE
DVD-R in plain sleeve
Transferred from dub of VHS Master