Item Description
MIRT is a traffic light control unit and will change equipped lights from red to green in approximately 3-4 seconds. It's compact, portable & easily installed on the dash or windshield.

The MIRT is an Optical Preemption Systems and was designed and engineered to help emergency service professionals reach their destination quickly and safely. By communicating with the traffic control system located at each intersection, the approaching vehicles are given a "green" light before entering the intersection, thus creating the ability to move through heavy traffic situations.

The MIRT significantly increases the efficiency of the emergency response teams and allows them to reach their destinations FASTER and SAFER.

The MIRT is also being used by Funeral Homes to ensure the safety of those in the funeral procession entering and exiting the intersection. Funeral Processions using The MIRT could lower their chance of an accident involvement at the intersection.

The MIRT is also a much needed device for police/fire vehicles that do not wish to have overhead light bars and also suitable for undercover operations.

Most larger cities have traffic light preemption systems in place that enable emergency vehicles to automatically change traffic lights to green as they approach. These systems work great, and provide increased officer and public safety, and shorter response times. But their usefulness is limited only to vehicles equipped with an emitter - typically only marked vehicles with rooftop lightbars.

But what about "slick tops", detectives' cars, fire chiefs' or police executives' cars, undercover vehicles, surveillance vehicles, etc? Until now, they couldn't utilize the system at all, or had to use a bulky, expensive, non-discreet stand-alone unit from the system manufacturer.

Surveillance vehicles often face the dilemma of what to do when a subject vehicle just barely makes it through an intersection as the light turns red. Do you run the light, endangering yourself and others, likely blowing your cover, or do you risk losing the subject vehicle by waiting at the intersection for the light to turn green again? Well, that problem is solved now. And it's solved discreetly too, without any visible strobing light like a standard emitter.

The new Traffic Light Controller - sometimes known as a mobile infrared transmitter or "MIRT" - is the solution. It allows you to expand the utility of your traffic light preemption system to all of your vehicles, including unmarked, undercover, surveillance, and even temporary vehicles.

For the first time, this is an emitter that's compact, versatile, and economical. Not to mention its unique stealth factor - its strobing light is invisible to all other vehicles! This unit can be securely positioned on the dash or inside windshield. No installation is required - just plug it in to the cigarette lighter socket and you're ready to roll. It can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.

The Infrared technology emits no light so it is discrete and causes no distractions for the driver. The average time to change lights is about 3-4 seconds from up to approx. 700 -1,000 feet for The MIRT.

Each unit is tested for endurance, dependability and safety and comes with a 10 year warranty.

The MIRT is the smallest traffic light changer/emitter on the market.

It's perfect for any vehicle or Motorcycles for Law Enforement, Funeral Escorts, etc.

The MIRT will also work on apartment and security gates that are equipped with the Opticom and Strobecom receivers.

MIRT MSRP = $299