Item Description
This a very hard movie to find and is the true
story of 17 year old Juliane Koepcke who on December 24, 1971
amazingly survived one of the most unbelievable adventures of our
times. Flying from Lima, Peru on LANSA flight 508 to see her father
for the New Year celebrations, Julianes plane hits a cyclone, and
is hit by lightning and breaks apart at 24,000 feet. Somehow,
miraculously out of 93 passengers Juliane survives the plunge into
the dense jungle only to find herself alone in the hostile world of
the South American Amazon Rain Forest filled with snakes, insects
and wild animals. There her tormented battle to find civilization
This movie was released in 1974 and Juliane
Koepcke is played by actress Susan Penhaligon and the movie runs 90
minutes and is very good quality.
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