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VersaCheck Pro is a complete financial management program, simple enough to manage your home accounts yet feature-rich enough to manage your business.  VersaCheck Pro is a software that allows you to design your own check faces, then adapt those faces to print checks on a range of different check papers.  Whether you intend to manage all your finances or only a few simple accounts, VersaCheck Pro will simplify record-keeping, save time in writhing checks, help set financial goals and track your progress.


Never again wait for new checks to arrive or pay extra for pre-printed checks. Now you can easily design checks to fit all of your needs, and track your bank account transactions with a few simple mouse clicks. Manage and print checks for your personal, business and trust accounts.


Quickly design and print your own blank checks, drafts and deposit slips:

Mips VersaCheck PRO lets you design and print custom checks, drafts and deposit slips in minutes using a PC with an inkjet or laser printer! Its powerful custom design tools let you draw lines, rectangles, tables and data fields, and you can easily change font styles, sizes and colors. Include logos and password protected signatures on your checks. Import your favorite clipart to use as custom backgrounds. Mips VersaChek PRO imports BMP, PCX, TIF, GIF and JPG graphic files.


Custom checks works with ANY accounting software and ANY bank

Mips VeraCheck PRO includes a variety of pre-designed check templates compatible with Quicken, QuickBooks MS Money, Peachtree, DacEasy MAS90 and many others. You can easily make changes to checks or design them from scratch. Mips VersaCheck PRO lets you print checks individually or in batches with complete account holder and bank information as well as the serial number and bank code line.


Powerful bank accounting features

Mips VersaCheck PRO handles an unlimited number of personal, business and trust accounts. Each payee or payor can have its own categories, subcategories and account codes to improve consistency and speed of data entry. Classify your categories as: Income, Expense, Asset, Liability, or Capital and sort by transaction type, number, date, payee, payor, category, or any combination thereof. Split transactions among multiple categories or add/modify categories anytime. Mips VersaCheck PRO also has a wide selection of useful and comprehensive reports to help manage your accounts.


Super simple to use

Mips VersaCheck PRO's point-and-click interface makes custom check design and bank account transactions a snap! Just follow the Wizard's on-screen instructions when setting up, entering data to, or reconciling your account. Type the payee or payor information only once, them just enter in a few letters of a person's name, company name or address and watch the complete information automatically appear and display correctly on the check.


Complete account security

With Mips VersaCheck PRO you can setup passwords to prevent unauthorized access to all of your accounts. Also safeguard accounts and transactions from accidental deletion, void, and unvoid transactions, conditionally print memo text and add additional signature lines based on a user-defined check amount.


Import & export data

Save time and effort by importing/exporting QIF-transaction files (Quicken/MS Money standard format) to or from Mips VersaCheck PRO to update your payee/payor database and account transaction history.









Windows 3.1 / W.95 / W.NT 4.0 / W.98 S.E.


Used - I've been using this program for over 5 years, never a problem, I'm selling it because I got the new version of it and I don't need this one more. It's a great software to start with if you want to try it before making a big investment.


User Manual, 6 Installation Floppy Disks, 1 Merge Server Floppy Disk


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Shipping to Canada = $8.00

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