Item Description
Included in the package are:
1 X Wireless (WIFI) Spy IP Suveillance Camera
1 X CR2 battery

This camera comes with a battery that allows recording of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, if you need prolong recording you can purchase the Optional USB Cradle and power adaptor pack (to be purchase separately) to mount and power the camera for continuous recording and streaming.
You could also buy the bundle (camera + cradle & adapter pack).
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This is an ultra-portable, WIFI wireless camera that allows users to view and record audio and video wirelessly on their PC or smart phones.
With its 802.11 b/g wireless (WIFI) interface, the camera allows you to stream and record audio video images through your mobile devices such as your smart phones (iPhones or Android devices) and laptops on the go
It is powered by a CR2 battery and coupled with its compact design(30mm in diameter and 35 mm in length + weighing just 100g with battery), you can easily carry the camera around for recording.

User can use a standard web browser to connect to the camera to view record or take snap shots.
You can also purchase the following applications from the (iPhone and Android) apps store.
App1 (for iPhone and iPad) - Record videos and snapshots on your iPhone and iPad as seen through the camera
App2 (for iPhone and Android) - Record Audio, video, and snapshots
App3(iPhone and iPad) - Allows user to detect and preview multiple camera connected to local area network (LAN). The app also allows users to record video & take snapshot.

All App1,App2 and App3 are to be purchase separately.

You can also connect this camera to your wireless router using its infrastructure mode, to stream or record videos from a remote location - for example you can view & record your home while your are overseas, stream or record your office while you are at home.

Use of this product for illicit purpose including invasion of personal privacy is punishable by law and the product manufacturer and ebay seller disclaims any and all responsibilities resulting thereof.

Buyer will have to be responsible to clear your own country customs and tax charges.
Colour of camera is selected at random, thus not available to choose colour.