Item Description
--Mini wireless earpiece is a micro-mini wireless inductive receiver which transforms audio signal through electromagnetic induction. These products make the covert communication possible when it is inconvenient to expose earpieces. The earpiece is widely used in many departments such as FBI, CIA, antiterrorism, security, television and films studio etc.
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--We can use it while writing a test, in business meetings, in court and almost in every occasion when covert communication is necessary.
Features and Highlights:
**Small, light, easy to conceal;
**Comfortable for wearing with an optimum anatomic design.
Work principle:
Mini wireless earpiece is a one-way reception equipment driven by electromagnetic induction and is used in conjunction with drive equipments, such as radio and mobile phone.
Mini wireless earpiece consists of specialized chip, shell, faceplate, battery door, handle etc.
1. Battery door
--Open battery door by fingertip, install the battery perfectly and push the battery door to battery box.
2. Handle
--Clarity and high strength string help you to take out the earpiece from ear canal easily.
Technical specification
- Mini wireless earpiece (205 earpiece) receives signal by inductive coil,
Across electromagnetic fields
- Receiving distance: 50C 70 cm
- Standard Zinc-air battery: type SONY 337
- Battery life: about 5 hours
- Audio bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz
- Distortion: