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MINBO no onna - MINBO (1992) Juzo Itami's anti-Yakuza satire

Minbo no onna (1992) is a scathing attack on the Japanese Yakuza, showing how its spirited female protagonist instructs vicimized hotel employees how to fight back against gang extortion. Noboku Miyamoto plays the role of a lifetime as Mahiru Inoue, an attorney wise in "minbo," the art of extortion. The film's iconoclastic vision of Yakuza weakness hit a sore spot with real gang members who waited outside of Itami's home, slashing his face, and leaving him in the hospital. The experience ironically provided material for some of his remaining films, but may also have led to his death, a purported "suicide" in 1997. Juzo Itami directed only 10 films in his life, and
none have official release in the U.S. This is the original uncut Japanese version, with optional English, and Japanese subtitles (available from the "subtitles" button on your player remote.) Widescreen.

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