Item Description
Milk Break
A Metro One Sampler
Raspberry Jam -
Chris Lizotte -
The Love of the Father's Arms
Blackball -
Doesn't Matter
T-Bone -
Throwin' Out the Wicked
Crystal Lewis -
I Now Live

Thank You.
Thank you for shopping at Georgie's_Treasures. Please feel free to email us regarding any questions you may have before you order or bid on our items. Asking first saves you from disappointments. We try really hard to help.

Combining Shipping Discounts:
On most of our items, we do give a discount. Many of our items have discounts for multiple purchases of the same thing. Very, very few won't be elligible for shipping discounts. These are always shown in the listing. Mostly, however, we give discounts as follows:
2 to 4 items - 17% off the S&H of all items.
5 to 9 items - 25% off the S&H of all items.
10 and more - 33% off the S&H of all items.

USA Shipping:
All the shipping charges shown are by media mail or parcel post for USA. These are what we have figured the S&H below. We can do faster shipping, but it is generally a lot more expensive. Please feel free to email us for the rates for faster shipping before you order or buy. Remember if you are getting a media item, media mail across the USA is very slow often 3 weeks. We are at the beach end of California, and often our buyers are at the Atlantic side of the country. Parcel Post (or USP Ground) can take up to 12 business days.
When do we ship?
We generally ship Monday through Friday, except for Postal Holidays within 3 business days of receipt of your payment. We try and do next business day, but some items take more time.
Making an Offer?
Georgie's_Treasures has several hundred items you can make a "best offer". Unfortunately the clever boys are trying to cheat by using terms and sentences that can be ambivalent. If you wish to "free shipping"; you must use "Seller to give FREE SHIPPING" in the message line of your Best Offer. Anything else is to be considered as not accurate and not binding on seller to give free shipping. We want to be upfront and fair.

Shipping & Handling.
We charge shipping and handling on all items.

On the second page of this and all listings, ebay has a very thin and small writing about returns. We want to be clear, it says; "The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs." I'll bet 90% of what you see in Ebay is the same, and you've probably never read it. We want to be upfront. Thank you.

For some reason, a lot of buyers have lately not been reading the listings, not even the entire first line. Most of our listing have what type of item it is for example DVD or VHS, another example CD or Cassette. I get letters saying they thought it was the wrong type. Unless the listing is wrong in the several places we mention the type of item (usually 3 or 4 time) we will no longer cancel the order. It takes a lot of effort for us to cancel these orders and we make nothing off this, and we are tired of this. So we won't do it anymore.

No Bubble Wrap!
I went up to the local land fill and saw tons of bubble wrap being buried. I asked the guy about this. Not only does is it a problem for landfills, it is believed to be part of the global warming problem. You may not agree there is a problem, and we don't know the major cause; but we are not going to be using items like bubble wrap in our shipping, except those new, sealed products that may have it inside already. We think our system gets items through ok. Hope you agree to be green.

International Shipping:
We ship overseas by United State Post Office. By buying here you agree to use the custom's form as your tracker. It shows up at generally the day after we ship. Most modern countries allow the customs form to show up on their website too. Please check with your postal service before you order. If you wish secured mail, the additional charge is $11.97. Here is the really rough part: We no longer ship to Norway without the secured charge. Seems that either they have the most incompetent postal service or there is a ring of thieves trying to steal on Ebay. We don't see Ebay trying to protect their sellers.
Customs Forms:
In the USA there are 2 customs forms, one for 4 pounds and under and one for the larger items. Both have a number which can be tracked by modern international countries' post offices once the item crosses into your country. All packages require a form. The buyer of this item agrees to allow custom's forms to be used as tracking information at the prices shown in this listing. Should the buyer wish "regestered mail", the additional charge is $11.97.
Know Your Custom's Regulations:
There are over 200 countries in the world today. Each has their own set of regulations for what a citizen can import. There is no way Georgie's_Treasures can know all those rules, but you (the citizen) should know the rules of your country. Should the product be stopped by customs or returned by customs, it is the buyer's loss for both price and s&h.

If you are looking for our other items to get the shipping discount. We have been looking at the Best Match, and it appears not very good for buyers. Basically Ebay is manipulating what comes up first based on how they like the seller and how much time is left on the auction. I spoke to an agent, and he said no one knows how that best match works. Often the front page of Best Match are not very good buys. We recently listed a NEW DVD. It was the lowest in terms of price and shipping. When we put up "Best Match" our DVD was 12th down. The top guy was charging about double total than we do, but he gets nearly 10,000 feedbacks a month. Perhaps if you use best match to find our items for shipping discounts, you are getting favorites of ebay instead. But when we changed to lowest price and shipping, ours was first. To get the best price and discount shipping:
1. Go To "Buy"
2. Suggest something you might wish to buy in the search box and enter.
3. At the very top of the list of items find and click on "Customize View".
4. On The Very Right Side click on "Advanced Options".
5. There are two drop down boxes. Click on the little triangle of each box to find the way you want to always see listings displayed. Me, I choose, "Lowest Price" for both boxes. I like to save money.
6. Once you have your choice of way, click on the bottom button "Apply Changes".
Then every time your search ebay, you get the best price and shipping. I'm confident you will find many of our items to get that shipping discount.
I save money with this, and hope you do too.
Since ebay started the categories for used condition, we've had several people think that "Very Good" is a gift item. It really isn't, unless you are talking about rare collectibles where getting anything at all is very good. If you are thinking about a gift, then stay to "Brand New" or "Like New"
and read the description carefully.
Contact us:
We are in California. We generally open about 10 a.m., and work through about 7 p.m., except Sundays when we close about 2:30 p.m.. While we are open, we often won't be on line all the time, as we must buy stuff and ship stuff. We try to reply to all questions before we close for the night. If you've sent us an email before our general closing time, and we don't reply, you might wish to resend. We answer all emails we get.
Please read all the ebay and paypal rules before bidding:
From time to time, we encounter a buyer who has not read the rules. Ebay and Paypal had to make some choices about who is responsible and how people should proceed if there are problems. We have read the rules, and understand the choices they had to make. We will follow these rules and expect others to also follow them. While we hate to reply to "that's not fair" letters, the decision not to read the rules is really what is not fair, isn't it?

What is Georgie's_Treasures?
We are primarily a liquidator. Many of our selections, while new, are in shop worn boxes or cases. We get a lot of our product from stores changing their directions or discontinuing items. Generally these have been picked at a bit, but the product is still new, only the package sucks. We sell the product, not boxes, cases nor blister packs. If you are a collector, more interested in a box than what's inside, please write me first before bidding. Yes, at real stores people pass items that are perfectly good, but boxes are bad or the jewel case cracked or punched. They want to spend many times what we charge to get new looking items that they are going to unwrap. Now you can save at their foolishness. Also nearly all of our DVDs, CD & cassette boxes are punched. This does not affect the tape or CD or DVD, just notices it was a liquidation item. As I said, we don't sell cases, boxes nor blister packs.
We also list items by the instant look-up on ebay. Sometimes the UPCs and ISBNs don't match up with the instant item, but the music is the same. Now sure why record and book and movie companies put out the same music but different numbers. We get a lot of promo items.
Should you bid now or wait to the end of the auction?
Several times a month, we get letters from buyers asking if we might have another copy of an item. They wanted it, but heard it was best to wait until the last minute to bid. They did not get to the auction site at the right time and missed it. Someone else got the product at or less than they would have paid. Our thought is, put up your best bid when you decide you'd like to have the item. If you are at your computer, at the last minute; you can still be ready, if someone out bids you. If no one else bids, you won the item, whether or not you are at your computer at that last minute.

Again if you have questions, please write me before you bid or buy.