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Frank Cucci is the instructor in this DVD. Frank is a former Navy SEAL member. He is not a terribly huge guy, but he has a nice workout body and fills out his fatigues very nicely! The guy knows how to wrestle! He also has rippling, hairy forearms which you can see flex whenever he uses them to apply a hold. Mr. Cucci demonstrates a wide variety of wrestling and combat holds and locks that can be accomplished without weapons. Armbars, kicks, takedowns, chokes, neck cranks, armbars and more are demonstrated. There are several nice, on-the-ground side headlocks shown, with his training partner's head tightly secured. (see pics below) Frank has a masculine, sexy voice and I like the way he grunts and keeps saying: "Okay?" after each hold is demonstrated. DVD runs about 35 minutes. All images below are actual scans from the video.