Item Description

Mike wazowski from Monsters,Inc. Adult Mascot Costume

This monster mascot is very good quality, ideal for Birthday party, Carnival, Events, or to attract people, , or even for dressing up fun! Kids and adults will love it so much!

Adult Mascot Costume
Accessories included
Mascot head , Body costume, Shoe covers, Tail(if any), Hand gloves, Accessories.
15-19lb (7kg-9kg),
Weight of the head is about 10-12lb, depends complexity
Product advantages
2.Polyfoam head, good air permeability;
3. Custom-made;
Extra size can be supplied.
I advise you tell us meticulous size before placing order.
Normal Size: 175cm~190cm tall
Lead Time 
Usually 3~7 business days.
Please note that we don?t have full size stock, some of them have to be made at your size. If you want to have it urgent, please contact us firstly before payment, and tell us your size.
One piece in a carton, carefully packed.

What We Can Do?
Mascot costumes are an important investment and can help create a unique identity for business organization. For most festival days, people love to dress up cartoon character for funs in Halloween, Carnival, Birthday party and so on. But when you look around, it's hard to find lower price and adorable mascot.
No worry! Joyance Costume Store can tell you how much low price you will pay and get your favorite mascot with high quality.

With years of experience in mascot manufacturing experience, Joyance Costume Store grew up to a very famous studio which was specialized in custom and manufacture mascots, costumes and characters for businesses and schools. You will find our price is slightly better, because we are located in china and get the lowest possible cost. Our prices are very competitive, and yet our quality and service is thorough. We would love to assist you to developing mascots. Contact us with your ideas and let us know of unique ways you have used your custom mascot costume.
Contact Us

If you want to get quick response or enquiry customizing new mascots, I advise you send message via email.

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Meanwhile you can learn more about us from our website:
If customers come from Italy, you can contat our Italy office directly. When you have questions about our costumes, please don`t hesitate to ask! We are doing our utmost to win 100% positive feedback and dedication to customer service, so if there is any problem pls kindly negotiate with us firstly. You can feel assured we will go out of our way to make sure your purchase is not just dealt with perfectly, but personally too!



Mascot Costume Construction
Heads/ forms we use PVC foam, safety helmet inside for most costumes. Only for special mascot costumes with costumer required, we extensive use of a combination of patterned polyester or plastic foams to shape the heads and key costume parts. Users could breathe freely and not feel uncomfortable to have it on for a long time.
Feet only boot appearance and liners not include SOLE(98% customers don`t want sole, if you require, pls contact me soon). All the feet size is 44, pls confirm too.
 Materials Polyester and acrylic furs and PP cotton are most often used to cover the surface. The material cost of the costume is significant, but the greatest variable in the production is in the number of hours required to complete different designs. The value is determined through understanding the client?s needs, and developing and executing a plan that meets those needs efficiently.We will be happy to discuss the merits of various material choices and make informed recommendations.

Custom Mascot Design Concept
Besides the mascot costumes showed on my store, we also offer custom service to manufacture the character costume you like.
Learning all about your brand or organization and making note of your requirements and needs are the first steps in designing an effective mascot character. Many questions will be asked to ensure we build a solid understanding of what you are looking for both visually and functionally. Some questions to consider:
1. What character or Mascot costume do you want to custom? Pls provide the pictures.
2. What type of budget are you considering for your mascot costume?
3. Will your performer be extremely active or more of a meet-and-greet character?
4. What size will the average performer be? 

Before construction, we would like to negotiate more details about color, quantity, material and so on.

Payment and Shipping
We prefer to be paid by PayPal, because it is fast and safe.
We ship to all of the world. For delivery to U.S.A, France, Italy, Ireland, UK, Australia, and most countries, Shipping is FREE!

Your item(s) will be shipped from China by EMS because of lower costs and better service. You can track the progress of your delivery on .
It normally takes us 3-12 days to get the items after your payment is confirmed, and shipping takes 5-10 working days, so please allow a total of 10-22 working days for delivery. We will supply you with your EMS tracking number once your item(s) have been shipped.  Then you can get the items after hearing a knock on your door.



Please note
Some of the mascot characters are from cartoon movies or other patented mascot, please note that we don`t have authorization. If there is any trouble occured after the deal, we are responsible for nothing. I advise you had better to make a research whether you can use the special movie character for business or fun in your location. Different places different rules!