Item Description
This ad is for the Boxing Career of Irish Micky Ward . One of
the most Entertaining Fighters to ever enter the ring. This rare
collection includes 37 fights on 12 explosive DVDs with custom
menus. The Quality is the best that can be sourced on the planet.
These DVD's come in individual paper sleeves. There is no artwork
included. Own this great set today for a very low price. The
complete list of Fights is below. I dont offer refunds but i will
gladly replace any defective disc. Please allow a total of 10-14
days for items to reach you. thanks for the interest and let me
know if you have any questions.
Disc 1
WARD W 4 Michaell Peoples
WARD KO 6 Jesus Carlos Velez (Velez down once)
WARD TKO 2 Rafael Terrero (Fight stopped due to a fractured
jaw suffered by Terrero)
WARD KO 2 Carlos Brandi (Brandi down in 1st and twice in the
2nd round)
WARD W 8 Hilario Mercedes
WARD KO 4 Kelley Koble (Koble down in 4th round and the fight
was stopped due to a bad cut suffered by Koble)
Disc 2
WARD L 10 Edwin Curet (Ward almost stops Curet in the final
seconds but suffers first pro loss via a SD)
WARD W 10 David Silva
Disc 3
WARD TKO 4 Derrick McGuire (McGuire felled by a left hook to
the body)
WARD TKO 1 Joey Ferrell (Ferrell felled twice by a left hook
to the body)
WARD W 10 Joey Olivera
WARD L 10 Mike Mungin (Ward rocked by an uppercut on the
inside in the 2nd round)
WARD TKO 3 Francisco Tomas Da Cruz (Cruz felled by a left
hook to the body)
WARD L 12 Frankie Warren (It's not the promotor)
Disc 4
WARD TKO 6 Clarence Coleman
WARD L 12 Harold Brazier (Ward loses a shutout to a still
crafty and impressive Brazier)
WARD L 12 Charles Murray
Disc 5
WARD L 10 Tony Martin
WARD L 10 Ricky Meyers (Ward down in 2nd)
WARD KO 9 Louis Veader I (Veader felled by a left hook to the
WARD W 12 Louis Veader II
Disc 6
WARD KO 7 Alfonso Sanchez (Ward pulls off a come from behind
WARD LTKO 3 Vince Phillips (Ward suffers a cut eye stoppage
for the IBF light welterweight title)
WARD KO 3 Mark Fernandez
WARD L 12 Zab Judah (Ward put on a hugely credible
performance; taking the inexperienced Judah to places he'd never
been before)
Disc 7
WARD TKO 5 Jermal Corbin
WARD TKO 10 Reggie Green (Both warriors fought like they were
sleeping with the same woman, it was brutal stuff!)
WARD TKO 6 Shea Neary (Neary dismantled in merciless fashion
by Ward's ferocious body attack!)
Disc 8
WARD L 10 Antonio Diaz (Both fighters stood to each other's
toes for 10 punishing rounds!)
WARD KO 1 Steve Quinonez
WARD W 10 Emanuel Augustus a.k.a. Burton (The Fight of the
Year is one of the more memorable gloved wars ever waged!)
Disc 9
WARD TKO 3 Luis Pizzarro
WARD W 8 John Rafuse
WARD LTD 5 Jesse James Leija (Referee stopped the contest due
to a cut to Leija's eye, which was ruled as a headbutt by Ward.
Ward's corner complained vehemently, but to no avail)
Disc 10
WARD W 10 Arturo Gatti I (The bravery and resilience of both
fighters left the 6,254 in attendance both thrilled and mesmerized.
The Fight & Round (9) of the Year!)
Disc 11
WARD L 10 Arturo Gatti II (The two fighters staged their own
"Rocky" movie, trading thunderous blows from the opening bell in
"Once in a Lifetime!")
Disc 12
WARD L 10 Arturo Gatti III (Remembered as one of the greatest
fights ever broadcast in television history. The Fight of the