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Many Bible Works on One CDROM

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Mostly scanned from originals in pdf/acrobat format:
The Andover Heresy: In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others
by Egbert Coffin Smyth 1887 - 120 pages
Mahometanism Unveiled Vol 2: An Inquiry in which that Arch-heresy, Its Diffusion and Continuance
by Charles Forster - 1829
The Life of Michael Servetus: The Spanish Physician, Who, for the Alleged Crime of Heresy was Burned by John Calvin - 1848
by William Hamilton Drummond
Moravian Heresy by John Roche - 1751 - 319 pages
Discussion of Universalism: Or, A Defence of Orthodoxy Against the Heresy of Universalism
by William Latta McCalla 1825 - 309 pages
The Arians of the Fourth Century
by John Henry Newman - 1876 - 470 pages
The Millennial Dawn Heresy (Charles Russell - Russellism)
by E.L. Eaton, D.D. - 1911
The Secret Life: Being the Book of a Heretic
by Elizabeth Bisland, Elizabeth Bisland Wetmore - 1906 - 308 pages
A Debate on Christian Baptism - 1824 - Alexander Campbell 418 pages
A Debate on the Roman Catholic Religion - 1837 - 366 pages
Campbellism Exposed - 1860 - Alexander Campbell 277 pages
Debates on the Evidences of Christianity - 1829 - Alexander Campbell 558 pages
Debate on Infant Sprinkling - 1820 - Alexander Campbell 219 pages
A Debate on Christian Baptism
by Alexander Campbell, William Latta McCalla - 1824 - 420 pages
The Cure of Deism: Or, the Mediatorial Scheme by Jesus Christ
by Elisha Smith- 1737
Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation
by John Wesley Hanson - 1903 - 100 pages
A Debate on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation by Enoch Merrill Pingree, Nathan Lewis Rice - 1845 - 420 pages
An Oral Debate on the Coming of the Son of Man and Endless Punishment
by Erasmus Manford, Benjamin Franklin 1860 - 350 pages
Christ's Second Coming: Will it be Pre-millennial?
by David Brown - 1882 - 460 pages
Russell-White Debate: A Public Discussion
by Charles Taze Russell, Lloyd Smith White - 1908 - 190 pages

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