Item Description
Michael Kors iphone4s cases leather wallet snake
Height: 1.1 inches / 2.79 cm
Width: 3.1 inches / 7.87 cm
Weight: 3 oz / 85.05 g
Length: 4.8 inches / 12.19 cm

Compatible with: iphone, iphone 4S applicable
Michael Kors wallet card for the iPhone sets

Not only is the iPhone protective cover, is also a unique design of the wallet.
Michael Kors Wallet Clutch is not only the iPhone protective cover, the unique design of high-quality leather wallet.
? Michael Kors luxury small office design very contemporary with a unique design of the wallet pocket can be placed on a credit card and identity card
? Gold Michael Kors features to identify the use of whole grain, high quality soft sheep leather material for handmade
Apple recommends
With a luxurious leather protective sleeve to carry your iPhone, credit card and identity.
Classic, chic and luxury, Michael Kors Wallet Clutch is not only the iPhone protective shell, is also a uniquely designed wallet. Open the iPhone in the right side of the wallet on the left. This wallet with a strong spine of the side, add a layer of protection for the iPhone, to provide additional support and durability.

Fashion partner
Michael Kors gold-colored metal plates it the nuances Beixian luxury. Each finishing folders are handmade, showing the highest levels of standards and perfect details, very fit into your handbag. The supplied wrist strap to make it easy to capture, even if it takes all night to go out, all the essential items can also be included.

Technical Specifications
Conventional material: Leather
Shape: wallet