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Michael Jackson, the self-proclaimed King of Pop, earned his title by blasting off from his roots as the child star of the Jackson 5 with a series of albums -- Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous -- that dominated the charts and spawned a string of super-slick music videos, helping to define the infant form. His extraordinary approach to MTV fodder involved stretching his musical concepts into narratives, starting with his seminal video for "Billie Jean." The music video landmarks collected here -- from the wind-blown "Billie" to the explosive "Beat It," from the high-kicking, laser-smooth "Rock with You" to his John Landis-directed masterpiece, "Thriller" -- represent an artist at the top his game. This DVD goes several steps further, though, including such fan must-haves as the rare long versions of "Bad" (directed with aplomb by Martin Scorsese from a gritty Richard Price script) and "The Way You Make Me Feel." The tracks follow in order, with the original albums marked in parentheses:
Brace Yourself (HIStory, Part 1)
Billie Jean (Thriller)
The Way You Make Me Feel (Long Version) (Bad)
Black or White (Dangerous)
Rock with You (Off the Wall)
Bad (Long Version) (Bad)
Thriller (Thriller)
Beat It (Thriller)
Remember the Time (Dangerous)
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Off the Wall)
Heal the World (Bad)
Michael Jackson has been responsible for some of the most well-known and influential music videos of all time. This release collects ten of his most renowned clips. Among the promotional clips and short films on this collection are the eighteen minute Martin Scorsese directed mini-film "Bad," the John Landis helmed "Thriller," and the controversial "Black or White."  074645012391