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HIGH QUALITY! BUY ANY 3 DVD's, GET THE 4th FREE! MIX AND MATCH IN MY STORE! 100's TO CHOOSE FROM!SINGLE DVD's ONLY!Here we have TV SPECIALS, INTERVIEWS & LOOK BACK AT WHAT WENT WRONG! These 2 DVD's are the MOST COMPLETE look at the events BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the tragic death of MICHAEL JACKSON, June 25, 2009! Interviews with investigators, witnesses, family members,Michael's inside circle and performers who were with Michael  at his last rehersal at Staples Center on June 23, 2009. All footage is HIGH QUALITY, 10 out of 10! Here is what you can expect with these 2 DVD's FULL OF FOOTAGE of the KING OF POP, Michael Jackson: ABC 20/20: After Life SPECIAL IN HD:  was an up close and personal look at the final days of Michael Jackson's life, followed by the hoopla surrounding his death and memorial. There were morbid details, like Jackson's condition in those final days ("one side of my body is hot and one side is very cold") and his deathbed begging for his "milk," or the milky-white narcotic propofol. A GREAT SHOW with FANTASTIC footage!NBC DATELINE Michael Jackson: A Mother's Story IN HD: was a more tender look at Jackson's life. It featured anecdotes and reminiscing from his mother Katherine. She recalls knowing Jackson was going to be musically talented when he danced along with the washing machine noises as a toddler. A MUST FOR MJ FANS!Michael Jackson: A Tribute: Michael’s friends and celebrities recall memories of the King of Pop. A fantastic show that lets the viewer know exactly the KIND, CONSIDERATE entertainer and father Michael Jackson was like! A VERY GOOD Tribute to the King of Pop!Michael Jackson: The Inside Story - What Killed the King of Pop IN HD: This documentary examines the final months of Michael Jackson's life, attempting to uncover the reasons behind his untimely death that occurred as he was preparing for a string of comeback concerts. Was Michael Murdered? and For What Reason? Some family members are asking these questions! Michael Jackson: The Final Days in HD: CNN anchor Don Lemon unspools the confusing reports still swirling around Michael's death. Lemon’s revealing hour allows viewers to hear directly from Tito and Jermaine Jackson about their last contact with their brother and, how they first learned of their brother’s collapse and death. Michael Jackson: Our Icon: It's one of the best shows about MJ out there. They interview his peers like Brian McKnight and Michael Bearden from the TII Tour. Alot of laughs about all the stories they bring to this special.Aired August, 2009.The absolute BEST tribute out there!Michael Jackson: Gone To Soon: examines the end of Michael Jackson’s life, as told by the people who attended to him each day. In addition, this documentary goes undercover in the film with some of Jackson’s closest advisors to uncover what their secret thoughts and feelings may reveal about his untimely death. Exhaustive in its research and material, 'Gone Too Soon' is drawn from more than 300 hours of footage shot before and immediately following Jackson’s death."If you enjoy MICHAEL JACKSON, Please visit MY STORE for over 50+DVD's of Michael's CONCERTS, TV SPECIALS, TRIBUTES, DOCUMENTARIES and MEMORIALS! and REMEMBER...BUY 3 DVD's, GET THE 4th FREE! Also, please visit MY STORE for over 600+ DVD's of RARE Concerts. Here is a small sample of what you can expect to see in My Store: INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO*90+SHOWS NEIL DIAMOND*Live At The BBC*1971 THE GRAMMYS*Music Performances*4 DVD Set 8 Track Flashback*70's Videos*4 DVD CMT CROSSROADS*Dave Matthews Band & Emmylou Harris Graham Nash & David Crosby*Live @ BBC*1970 Creedence Clearwater Revival*Ultimate Collection*2 DVDs Midnight Special*1979 'MORE’ CMT CROSSROADS*Bon Jovi & Sugarland The Story of THE BEAT CLUB*1965-1968*8 DVD Set GLENN FREY*Live In Dublin*Strange Weather*1992 HULLABALOO *60's Music Show* Volumes1-12* 4 DVD Set BROOKS & DUNN*The Last Rodeo*Tribute With Friends 2010 CMT CROSSROADS*LeAnn Rimes & Joss Stone CMT CROSSROADS*Lionel Richie & Kenny Rogers THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE*60's Music*Various Artists*2 DVD's CMT Crossroads*Lindsey Buckingham & Little Big Town MOTOWN 25*Anniversary Special Show*Michael Jackson A&E PRIVATE SESSIONS*Lindsey Buckingham MOTOWN 45*Celebrating 45 Yrs.Of Motown ELTON JOHN*Live In Central Park*+Bonus Footage Golden Age*Rock n Roll*4 DVD's ROCK n ROLL HISTORY*5 DVD's*PBS & BBC Series CMT CROSSROADS*Jimmy Buffett & Zac Brown Band*2010 60's Revisited Vol.Two*Grassroots,Buckinghams,More HEART Video Anthology*1976-1996*DVD MICHAEL JACKSON*30th Anniversay Show MICHAEL JACKSON*Living With Michael Jackson CMT CROSSROADS*Ray Charles & Travis Tritt*2002 THE KINKS*Live At Rockpalast*1982*2 DVD's SOUNDSTAGE*Gordon Lightfoot*1979 Ready Steady Go*TV Show*60's Music Hits*3 DVD's CMT CROSSROADS*James Taylor & The Dixie Chicks CMT CROSSROADS*Alison Krauss & Robert Plant Midnight Special Hits Volumes 1 thru 8 CMT Crossroads*Brad Paisley and John Mayer CMT CROSSROADS*Kenny Chesney & John Mellencamp MICHAEL JACKSON*Awards Presentations & Performances The EAGLES*Live At The Summit 1976 50's & 60's Music Video Collection*Entire 20 DVD Set The Beatles*Video Collection*2 DVD Set JOHN FOGERTY*Soundstage Concert*2 Shows An Audience With NEIL DIAMOND 2008 MICHAEL JACKSON*From Motown To Your Town MICHAEL JACKSON*History Tour*Copenhagen*1997*2 DVD TRAIN*Soundstage Concert 2006 THE BEATLES*13 Live Shows*1964-1969*2 DVD's Rock 'n Roll CLASSIC Rock Concerts*Vol Four 60's & 70's Music Collection*Live & Videos*15 DVD's Smothers Brothers Musical Acts*1969 Smothers Brothers Musical Acts*1968 Smothers Brothers Musical Acts*1967 MICHAEL JACKSON & THE JACKSON'S*Destiny Tour*1979 STEVE MILLER BAND Video Anthology*1970-1983 MICHAEL JACKSON*Concert DVD's*Bad, Dangerous & History Tours ALAN FREED*50 & 60's Rock n Roll*6 DVD Set CMT CROSSROADS*Sheryl Crow & Willie Nelson THREE DOG NIGHT*Soundstage Concert 1974 BILLY IDOL*VH1 Storytellers STORYTELLERS*VH-1*Coldplay SOUNDS OF THE '70's*2 DVD Set Hotel California:LA From The Byrds ToThe Eagles*BBC Midnight Special*RARE Hits*Sold Nowhere Else*9 DVD Set   Garth Brooks*Ultimate Collection*Concert Footage   ROCK 'n ROLL HALL OF FAME*DVD Collecton*1987 To Present STEELY DAN*Live In Costa Mesa,CA*2003 60's Revisited Vol.One*Byrds,Guess Who,Gary Puckett ELTON JOHN*BBC In Concert*1970 MICHAEL JACKSON Interview w Oprah*Neverland Ranch 1993 UPBEAT*60's & 70's TV Music Show*Various Artists*2 DVD STORYTELLERS*VH-1*David Bowie*1999 CMT CROSSROADS*Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Scaggs And 100’s MORE!   DISCLAIMER: By visiting this website or e-mailing me you are acknowledging the following statements. 1. 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