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Shirt Men's or Boys

Meteor Garden or Meteor Rain Tawainese show or series with F4 Pictures on Shirt Size M - L Vic Zhou,Vaness Wu

Condition: New without tags

Looks like a medium to large


18" Shoulder to shoulder on the back.

Collar to bottom 26"

19.5" from underarm pit to underarm pit

Description: Shirt is tan and browns with pictures of F4 and Meteor Garden or rain Logos.

F4 , , and continued to perform together and released three studio albums as quartet boy band . They ceased the use of the name "F4" in 2007 at the objection of Japanese publisher , who owns the copyright to , to avoid any confusion with the Japanese and South Korean version of the live-action adaptations of the manga.guy.

The story centers around a poor teenage girl named Shan Cai (), who at the insistence of her parents goes to a university for rich people. The university is dominated by Dao Ming Si (), Hua Ze Lei (), Mei Zuo () and Xi Men (), four rich and handsome but arrogant students collectively known as 'F4', short for 'Flower 4'. They are heirs to four rich and influential families in Taiwan. They terrorize the school by handing out red cards to those they do not like, which allows other students to bully the victims until they leave the school.

After one of Shan Cai's friends receives the wrath of F4's leader, Dao Ming Si, and receives a red card, Shan Cai stands up to Dao Ming Si and slaps him, which in turn results in a red card of her own. However, Shan Cai's persistence in standing up for what is right gradually gains F4's respect and Dao Ming Si falls in love with her.