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Metallica was the closing band on Saturday night, of this weekend festival.  As soon as they took the stage, they let 'er rip. The high-octane quartet opened with "So What" from the recently-released Garage Inc.. They then proceeded to pick from their extensive back-catalogue. They played the older, thrashier, faster tunes mixed in with the slower, more commercial, ballad-type stuff they been noted for lately and they were praised by the crowd from start to finish. Somewhere in the set was a medley of older songs and every now and again, James Hetfield (vocals, guitar) would prompt the audience into cheers but they were fading fast.  Metallica played well, offered a good selection of tunes but there was something about their set which seemed lack lustre, there was no fire in the music, they seemed to be going through the motions which was quite unlike this band. Towards the end of their set, the PA sounded like it too was burning out. It seemed like the perfect time to bail from the East stage for the day1.  Ecstacey of Gold2.  So What3.  Master of Puppets4.  For Whom the Bell Tolls5.  Fuel6.  King Nothing7.  Bleeding Me8.  Sad But True9.  Turn the Page10. Wherever I May Roam11. One12. Fight Fire with Fire13. Nothing Else Matters14. Seek and Destroy15. Creeping Death16. Guitar Solo17. Die, Die My Darling18. Enter Sandman19. Sabbra Caddabra Jam20. BatteryRegion Free NTSC Format PC Friendly Case Box with Cover Artwork Discs Labeled        $ 10 to USA,   $ 10 to Others Countries.    Payment Method:    PAYPAL & CREDIT CARDS BUYER WILL RECEIVE SECURE CHECKOUT LINK TO PAY WITH PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS.