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Daytime running lights are inspired by modern Mercedes Benz to give your car a VIP look. They can be used as

daytime lights, parking lights, fog lights, or even signal lights.
LED DRL are commonly adopted by the latest European cars makers such as Audi, Porches, Mercedes

Benz, etc.


1) Daytime Running Lights improve safety while driving. They allow your vehicle to be seen at a much

further distances. Greatly improves reaction time of oncoming vehicles.
2) Extremely long LED life and low power consumption.
3) Easy to install. These Daytime running lights come with lock nuts for easy mounting to the grille on

your car.
4) Meets International safety standard with E-Mark Certificate.
5) Enhance overall appearance with extra cool white beam (6000K~7000K) with modern Mercedes

Benz style
6) Waterproof for all road conditions.
8) Light weight design with lock nuts for universal fitment
Get them today and give your car a new VIP look.


Dimension: 7" L x 1.5" W
6 x high-power SMD LED bulbs per lamp
Voltage: 11V-13.5V
Current: 0.3A-0.4A
Power Consumption: 1.8W-3W
Color Temperature: 6,000K-7,000K
Power: 0.5W Per LED
Brightness: 50-70 Lumen
Black housing with chrome finishes


1 Pair (2 Pieces) of LED DRL bars
Including all necessary screws / washers
Introduction manual included



One PC Decoration, One PC fragrance. paper perfume FREESHIPPING

US$ 1/piece

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