Item Description
Today, the Old-School Rassling Specialist has an awesome disc of classic CWA Championship Wrestling and USWA wrestling from Memphis that features some of the company's best-known angles, as well as some rare appearances that are pretty hard to find! You'll see Eddie Gilbert run Jerry Lawler over with a car! ECW invades Memphis! Dutch Mantell takes on Japan! Rich and Gilbert as the New Fabs and their bloody break up! Randy Savage terrorizes Memphis! Lawler and Funk in an Empty Arena Match! Tommy Rich's mama gets abused! Its Vader Time in Memphis! Tazz, Undertaker and Kane in their rookie years! Lex Luger comes to town and much much more! Four hours of classic Memphis angles, feuds and matches. Time covered ranges from early '80s to mid 1990s. NO WWE MATERIAL!!!

Hosted by Lance Russell & Dave Brown, of course. In sleeve, no art. $3.50 U.S. Shipping. Inquire about rates to other countries. Happy I-offering rassling fans!!!

Includes: Randy Savage is coming to Memphis to fight the "Queen" / Terry Funk vs Lawler in an empty Arena match/ Jimmy Hart is gonna whip Lawler / Hart gets whipped and cusses on TV while showing his scars / Tommy Rich and Eddie Gilbert as the new Fabulous Ones / Tommy Rich turns on Eddie Gilbert, then Gilbert turns on Rich / Eddie Gilbert runs over Jerry Lawler with a car / Lex Luger & Brian Christopher vs Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett / It's Vader Time in Memphis / Jim Cornette gets his butt kicked / Lawler vs Savage @ MSC / Austin Idol vs Rick Rude @ MSC / Lawler & Savage vs Rick Rude & King Kong Bundy @ MSC / ECW invades USWA / Tazz debuts in Memphis as the Tazzmaniac / Kane in his rookie year as Doomsday / The Grapplers join Hart and Cornette / Ricky Morton & Eddie Gilbert vs Tojo & Fuchi in a concession stand brawl/ Jimmy hart & Moondogs promo / Dutch Mantell gets beat by the Japanese and turns good / Adrian Street, Miss Linda & Cornette vs Bill Dundee & Jerry Calhoun @ MSC / Apocolypse is coming / Lawler and Funk team up to fight Hart & Cornette's gang / a bunch of Jim Cornette promos from his rookie year/ Sherri Martell joins Cornette's stable / Dutch Mantell promos / Savage vs Rude @ MSC/ Sandman, Sabu, Dreamer fight the USWA originals / PYT Express promo / Eric Embry feuds with Dirty White Boy / Tojo Yammamoto in a JR Ewing suit and cowboy hat / Phil Hickerson as PY Chu Hi / Tommy Dreamer sabotages Lawler / Miss Texas looses her hair and goes bald / Jimmy Valiant and Tojo abuse Tommy Rich's mama / Rich bleeds all over the place a bunch of times/ Exotic Adrian Street promo / Wayne Ferris & Dutch Mantell vs Eddie Gilbert & Koko Ware / Master of Pain (Undertaker) vs Lawler @ MSC / Brian Christopher flips out with a baseball bat / Christopher vs Billy Travis cage match and more!