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In 2001 Randy Hales' revival promotion died and Memphis was without a local wrestling TV show for more than a year. Then in 2003, announcer Corey Machlin launched a second attempted revival. This is the result of that attempt. Memphis Wrestling: Home of Rhythm and Bruise was a traditional studio wrestling show with all the usual cast of characters from the past. The show aired in Memphis and was rebroadcast in Canada and the UK.

You get:
05/17/03 & 05/24/03
05/31/03 & 06/07/03
06/14/03 & 06/21/03
06/28/03 & 08/09/03
08/16/03 & 07/12/03
07/26/03 & 09/13/03
08/23/03 & 08/30/03
09/06/03 & 07/19/03
09/20/03 & 09/27/03
10/04/03 & 10/11/03
10/18/03 & 10/25/03
11/01/03 & 11/08/03
11/15/03 & 11/22/03
12/06/03 & 12/20/03
12/27/03 & 01/03/04

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