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Here's a really interesting "lost" promotion from the early 2000's. Launched at the tail end of wrestling's boom period Memphis Championship Wrestling is a very unique promotion. In 1999 Jerry Lawler splits with Power Pro Wrestling. Here's the result. The story at the time was that he started backing a local indy group named Kick Ass Wrestling but demanded they change the name of the company before he'd come in. Hello Memphis Championship Wrestling. The promotion starts with all the usual WMC standbys including Lawler, Dundee and even Lance Russell. As the year progresses the King's ties help make MCW a developmental territory for the WWF. You end up getting Daniel Brian (as American Dragon), The Mean Street Possie, Lance Cade, Brian Kendrick and more. Plus guys from the main roster stop by for a show here or there. If you've picked up any of the Power Pro sets from this era you'll want to grab this one too.
You get:
01/29/00 & 02/05/00
02/12/00 & 02/19/00
02/26/00 & 03/04/00
03/11/00 & 03/18/00
03/25/00 & 04/01/00
04/08/00 & 04/15/00
04/22/00 & 04/29/00
05/06/00 & 05/13/00
05/20/00 & 05/27/00
06/03/00, 06/10/00 & 06/17/00
06/24/00, 07/01/00 & 07/08/00
07/15/00 & 07/22/00
07/29/00 & 08/05/00
08/12/00 & 08/19/00
08/25/00 & 09/02/00
09/09/00 & 09/16/00
09/23/00 & 09/30/00
10/07/00 & 10/14/00
10/21/00 & 10/28/00
11/04/00 & 11/11/00
11/18/00 & 11/25/00
12/02/00, 12/09/00 & 12/16/00
12/23/00 & 12/30/00

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