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This is a RARE documentary from director Marcel Ophuls in 2 DVD disc set. "This monumental film, virtually unavailable to the U.S. public, is perhaps Ophuls' most controversial work as well as one of his greatest. THE MEMORY OF JUSTICE explores the nature of war crimes and the possibility of justice by juxtaposing the Nuremberg Trials with the conflict in French Algeria and the war in Vietnam, but, as Ophuls eloquently argues, 'to compare is not to equate.' This complex film employs dialectical juxtapositions, relevant visual motifs, and complex sound/image patterns to force the audience into confronting the necessity of judgment and justice, no matter how complicated or difficult. THE MEMORY OF JUSTICE is also a self-reflexive work about the making of a film that links past, present, and future on the grand scale of world history with the personal history of Ophuls' wife, children, father and himself and their relationship to the events which precipitated the Nuremberg Trials. In short, this is one of the documentary masterpieces of the 20th century."
The film had a difficult genesis. It was originally financed in the summer of 1973 by BBC, and a private company based in London, the latter of whom had wanted the film to dwell heavily on America's involvement in Vietnam and France's involvement in Algeria. After completing rough cuts, was dismayed at Ophüls work (particularly his excessive leaning on the Nuremberg Trials and Nazi involvement) and tried to remove him as director.

The film was screened at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival, but wasn't entered into the main competition

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