Item Description


Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

  8 Inch Model

(pillows shown are used for illustration purposes only and are not included)

Every mattress comes with a (removable, washable) mattress cover.

Underneath every cover, there is a two layer system in these memory foam mattresses like the diagram shown. The two layers are laminated together using a special bonding agent designed exclusively for bonding memory foam.

The top layer is a 5lb Density Open Cell Memory Foam that will respond to your body temperature and weight, reducing pressure points and creating a perfect mix of comfort and support for an overall better sleeping experience. These memory foam mattresses are made with the EXACT same memory foam that the "big named" foam mattress makers use with an ILD of 9-11.

The bottom support layer is a high density, high ILD polyurethane memory foam created specifically for support in a bedding setting. This ensures the long life of the mattress



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