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On 4 DVD's Includes
Melissa Manchester
Disc 1
1982 American Music Awards "You Should Hear How She Talks About You"
1982 Fame Melissa Guests As A Substitute Teacher In This Episode
1982 Grammy Awards "You Should Hear How She Talks About You", "Race To The End"
1983 Good Morning America Promoting "Emergency" Album
1983 Live Aid With Cast "We Are The World"
1983 Entertainment Tonight
1984 Presenting At The American Music Awards
1985 Entertainment Tonight Promoting Song And Dance
1985 Gary Collins Interview
1985 The Tonight Show Singing "Unexpected Song"
1988 Presenting On The American Music Awards
1989 CBS Morning Promoting "Tribute" Album
1989 CBS New Year's Eve Concert Sings "Walk On By", "Lady Be Good",
1990 Pat Sajack Show "La Vie En Rose"

Disc 2
1990 Evening At Pops Sings "La Vie En Rose", "Lady Be Good", "Sophisticated Lady", "Gershwin Medley"
1990 The Tonight Show "As Time Goes By"
1986 Solid Gold "Energy"
1989 The Tonight Show "Lady Be Good", "La Vie En Rose"
1990 Oscars Duet With James Ingram "After All"
1990 Arista Anniversary "Don't Cry Out Loud"
1990 CBS New Year's Eve Concert "Heaven How You've Changed Me", "You Should Hear How She Talks About You", "La Vie En Rose", " Looks As Though We're Doing Something Right", "Just You And I"
1990 The Tonight Show "Walk On By",
1991 George Burns Tribute "Just The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs"
1992 American Music Awards Presenting
1992 Wizard Of Oz Tribute "Over The Rainbow'
1993 Entertainment Tonight
1993 American Music Awards Presenting
1993 Entertainment Tonight Promoting "Blossom'
1993 "Blossom" Episode With Melissa Manchester As Blossom's Mother

Disc 3
1995 Crook And Chase "If My Heart Had Wings"
1995 Entertainment Tonight
1995 "Boy From Oz" Melissa Comments On Friend Peter Allen
1996 Entertainment Tonight
1996 AMC In Concert At The Rainbow Room "Midnight Blue", "This Is The House That Love Built", "Looking Through The Eyes Of Love", "Over The Rainbow", "Whenever I Call You Friend" w/ Peabo Bryson, "A Whole New World", "Beauty And The Beast" W/ Peabo Bryson, "Come In From The Rain", "Lady Be Good", "Don't Cry Out Loud"
1999 Roseanne Show With Bette Midler & Barry Manilow "Friends"

Disc 4
The Music Of Melissa Manchester HBO Special 1981 - This is a live show taped around 1980 at the Wilshire Theatre in Los Angeles for an HBO special. Melissa is on stage with a full orchestra and backup singers and, of course, her trusty piano. It's a great show and brings back many memories of her past songs. The songs in the show are: "Help Is On The Way", "Midnight Blue", O, Heaven (How You've Changed To Me)", Whenever I Call You Friend", "For the Working Girl", "As Time Goes By", "It's All in the Sky Above", "Home to Myself", "This Lady's Not Home Today", "Peace In My Heart", "Good News for the Lady", "We've Got Time", "Easy", "Talkin To Myself", "Don't Cry Out Loud", "Boy Next Door" and "Come In From The Rain". As you can see, it covers many of her great old songs. You won't be disappointed.