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Marian Dora, the director who brought us the infamous "Cannibal" (released by Unearthed Films, and banned in Germany) has now released another gruesome film, dealing with perversion, death and coprophilia. The story stars two pseudo-philosophers, who invite a couple of women (one of them sitting in a wheelchair) and a weird old guy to their house in the woods, where they wallow in a pool of sex, drugs and violence. The men in the house are full of contempt for life, and are truly lovers of death and sexual violence. One after another they sacrifice the other inhabitants to their pervasive needs.The film unapologetically subjects it’s audience to unspeakable horrors. And I want to be clear, most of these aren’t “suggestive” or even simulated. Much of the gory action, (animal killings, enemas, pissing, shitting, cutting…) are real. But some of the simulated stuff is enough to bring most viewers to their knees, as well, (like tearing an invalid’s colostomy bag out and fingering the hole).

Language:German.No English subtitles.
Running time:158 mins.UNCUT.

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