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Specializing in Medical Transcription

Practice & Productivity Tools!


Period Paragraph

Volume I - SAMPLER




Get all 3 CD's at one special price!!

FREE Shipping!     ( U.S. only)


Who needs Period Paragraph CD's?

  • Anyone considering a career in medical transcription.
  • New medical transcriptionists who need practice files.
  • Medical transcriptionists who have been away from their work and need to refresh or hone their skills.
  • Medical transcriptionists who want to expand their knowledge base.
  • Medical transcriptionists who want to update their skills and experience digital files.


These CD's contain specially selected dictation files that reflect
the real Medical Transcription environment.


Created by a Medical Transcriptionist, these CD's contain voice files and corresponding transcripts based on over 19 years of experience in the field as transcriptionist, editor, and trainer.  Also included are additional features including skill builders and tools needed to develop and enhance skills

and increase productivity.


What do you get?

Over 15 hours of dictation.

·   Complete answer keys provided.

·  Prescription Drug list - Over 1,500 drugs.

·  Proofreading Exercises.

·  JCAHO "Do Not Use" list.

·   Abbreviations Challenge.

·  Word Lists.

·   FREE Shipping  ( U.S. only)

·   FREE BONUS FILES to your email inbox - Start transcribing today!





With this purchase, you will also receive dictation files ready to transcribe today! A set of 3 orthopedic dictations and answer key (actual transcriptions) will be sent to your email INBOX. Receive over 13 minutes of real dictations that you can begin to work with even before your CD’s arrive. These dictations are NOT included on your CD’s but are in addition to your CD purchase.



Digital WAV files are the dictation files used by most healthcare providers and medical transcriptionists today. A FREE digital WAV player designed especially for medical transcriptionists is just a download away!  Google can help you find a FREE download for your own digital WAV player (NCH Swift Sound, maker of Express Scribe, is one such free WAV player).   No foot pedal is needed as these digital WAV players are also keyboard controlled. Experience digital WAV transcription files at NO additional cost .  

Work at home or onsite!

It's YOUR choice!


Medical Transcription is one of the few careers that can provide

an income from your home or onsite. 


The key to Medical Transcription:
Practice, Practice, Practice


Hours of practice are provided in a variety of specialties with

a diversity of voices, dictating styles, dialects, and accents

for the new and established Medical Transcriptionist.


A fabulous peek into the world of Medical Transcription
 for anyone considering a career in this field.




Just place the CD in your CD drive and the CD will start up automatically after just a few moments.  Then make your selection.  Choose from Getting Started to learn more about the contents of the CD, how to get started, or an overview of what's included, or proceed with actual dictations or bonus features.  You can go where you want when you want.  Repeat dictations for extra practice and better learning.  To transcribe using PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, FAST FORWARD, and REWIND controls, a free PLAYER is available to download from the Internet from - just ask Google.  Transcribe the dictations using a foot pedal or keyboard commands.  


No duplication of dictation files.

Additional skill builders on each CD.


In compliance with federal law, the files on these CD's contain no patient healthcare information.  All references to patients by name, medical record number, or any other identifying information have been deleted in order to preserve the rights and privacy of all.  Some voice files have been digitally altered while others are new recordings based on the originals.  Most of the files on this CD have been adapted from actual medical transcription experiences.  Minor blips may occur in some of the voice recordings where protected healthcare information has been removed.  This should in no way impede the usability of the files. 



The contents of these CD's is protected by United States and international copyright laws.   Measures have been taken to preserve and protect ownership.   In addition to the more customary and common copyright procedures, all of the files on this CD (text and voice alike) contain embedded information to identify ownership.