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Here are some Tips on how to spot a FRAUD selling skincare (TCA) products:

                               1. Look at their FEEDBACK and click on the ITEM purchased. Don't just look at TODAYS feedback, go BACK to last month, last year! Just because someone has a CERTIFICATE OF GOOD TRADING, does NOT mean they got it from selling the ITEM you are going to buy!!

Estheticians ARE NOT trained to FORMULATE chemicals. In fact, NO ESTHETICIAN IS LEGALLY ALLOWED TO PERFORM a chemical service involving abrading lower than .01 micron of the stratum corneum nor the epidermis, subcutis or hypodermis,  without the presence of a licensed physician. NO STATE IN THE USA! Furthermore, posting a LICENSE (even as non-medical as esthetician training is) is deemed a severe MISUSE of a professional license by the CSB/CFSCAN especially when the safety of others is concerned. Liability for misuse is punishable by suspension and even monatary gain/damages for parties who were misled by this type of representation. No esthetician (aesthetician) school teaches TCA Peels. It is deemed by the American Medical Council to be administered ONLY by a licensed physician

                                2. Pharmaceutical Grade TCA should be bottled in LIGHT REFLECTIVE GLASS. TCA 25% and higher, unbuffered in plastic bottles (not samples) over 1/2 oz can actually EXPAND and implode.

                                3. No Medical Doctor would apply a GRADE of TCA on your skin OVER 21-25% without sedation and pretesting. Even Obagi Blue Peel is 21%.

                                4. TCA is not applied with a FAN brush, or in ONE SELLERS ad, an EYESHADOW BRUSH. A brush applicator is used when a Peel is GUMMY. TCA is very watery and a brush could splash or DECOMPOSE the bristles. It also would need to be sterilized. A sterile application is mandatory when using a peel. Either glass droppers, applications, pads, ethetician grade wood cotton tips, papertowels etc.

                                5. LOOK VERY CAREFULLY AT THE PHOTOS the seller CLAIMS are BEFORE/AFTER photos. IN almost every single ad, these photos are being CHOPPED OFF of a Plastic Surgery site and you are looking at Before/After Photos of FULL LASER PEELS, FACE LIFTS AND even lip augmentations. If a PEEL could do THAT...then Plastic Surgeons would be OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

                                6. Take a SECOND and put a phone call in to your DOCTOR and ask him what HE thinks will occur when you use a grade of TCA 25% 30% 50% or 80%! If I can save just ONE person from ending up looking like Betty, who was kind enough to send me her photo hat she took just 7 days after using her 50% diluted peel. THAT was over 2 months ago and she still is dealing with dark pigment staining (hyperpigmentation) and even HYPO pigment where she never got her color back and has a permanent WHITE circular spot the size of a quarter on her cheekbone. In fact, SHE is the one who asked me to post this, hoping that her photo and my checklist may help someone else STOP and THINK!!! 

.Betty G. Arkansas. Age 53. Applied 50% TCA to her face, neck.


                            Perfect Complexion TCA Complex

       Blend of 12.5 buffered with a BOOSTER!!

         Safe.      Effective.     Predictable Results.

Perfect Complexion  TCA Complex. Medical/Cosmeceutical Grade TCA w/ patented beta Booster and buffer. No timing. No Neutralizing. Several application methods to ACCOMODATE your lifestyle!  PLUS: FREE SAMPLES OF THIS AMAZING SKIN CARE LINE!!!!!!

-  Perfect Complexion Inc. Towson Maryland


Beware of NEWCOMERS to the Ebay auction! ALWAYS CHECK THE HISTORY of your SELLER to find out WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN SELLING and how long they have been selling it! Posting an EXPIRED LICENSE as a 'facialist' does NOT mean that you have any knowledge of chemicals! I have almost THREE YEARS of history selling TCA Complex and my entire skincare line on Ebay and the internet (website). I take EXTREME OFFENSE to anyone who attempts to fool MY customers and SLANDER the integrity of Ebay!


       Perfect Complexion TCA Complex

Oh, before I forget...I have an eBay store! You can bid OR BUY IT NOW! I ship FAST!!!!




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Perfect Complexion TCA Complex has sold worldwide for three years now! I LAUNCHED this ONE item, TCA Complex on Ebay in 2002! I have been continually inspired to bring ALL of my new items to eBay BEFORE they are even sold retail or wholesale or on my website!!

 I have made MANY new friends here and I am ALWAYS here for advice or just regular chit-chat!! You have ALL been my inspiration and my support!!

Julie Robins                                                         

 This is MY office! ONE treatment for RESURFACING starts at $75!!







TAKE A SECOND         AND READ MY          FEEDBACK!!!!!!                          


    these products are amazing , julie is wonderful , fast shipping ,free samples...          




miracle products, great communication, buy with confidence, higly recommended









    these products are amazing , julie is wonderful , fast shipping ,free samples...          



  miracle products, great communication, buy with confidence, higly recommended

2nd time ordered and fAST delivery and great products




    Leading edge products w/great results. Fabulous seller too, thanks!      









Positive feedback rating you have really great products that do what you say they will

2nd time ordered and fAST delivery and great products


    Leading edge products w/great results. Fabulous seller too, thanks!      
Without the trauma and 'down-time' required with using HIGH percentages! You can safely resuface your skin with Perfect Complexion TCA Complex. Our very special patented formula is like NONE OTHER in that it contains a Beta booster and a buffer so it is safe for all skin-types! I have been formulating this product for 3 years! Beware of imitations (most of them purchased THIS PRODUCT and tried to duplicate it) as they have proven to be TOO strong for most skin types which WILL lead to hyperpigmentations and premature aging!  Slow and non-traumatic skin resurfacing will grade the epidermis micron by micron without causing the skin to react to a hot topical chemical burn!  If you have any questions, I am available for consultation at

It's Time for MORE  

Letters To Julie:
Dear Jules!
You have converted this former Obagi worshipper over to Perfect Complexion. I never thought it could be done! After 2 Obagi Blue Peels last year to the tune of $1300 total, I have taken the last of my Orange Obagi cleanser and washed my Tub out with it lol!! I'm done! Your products are EVERYTHING you said they were and more! My husband has no idea how much I spent on skincare last year. I am embarrassed to admit it to myself. I have had these acne scars and dreadful finelines for so long and have search the corners of the earth looking for my miracle!

I'm done Julie...I'm done! Thanks to YOU and your TCA and your MAGIC CRYSTALS!! There is only one thing I am worried about.

What am I going to do with ALL THE EXTRA MONEY I AM SAVING LOL!!! I love you and if you ever stop making this amazing stuff,I will fly out to the east coast and kick your butt! Kidding! Ps. I have bid on your cleanser (2 of them). The sample you sent me was Da-Bomb!! Love,

Jennifer Grant

Dripping Springs, Tx.


To Julie: My name is Mark and I wrote to you awhile back about my skin problem. I have acne and my doctor had tried me on Acutane but my folks weren't too happy with the danger of using it. If you don't remember, its ok. I bought your TCA complex and salicylic acid from your website and started the program you recommended for me. The first time I used it, it had a little burn to it, but it didn't hurt at all. I only used it once as you said. My skin peeled about 3 days later and I started another treatment about one week later like you said. I have done a total of 3 peels now. My Senior pictures are in one week and right now I am ready to have them taken. The scars that were so noticable have almost completly gone away. How many times can I use this? I want to do at least one more before the pictures, but I don't want to be peeling. When do you think I should do it? My friend Randy **** said he emailed you from where your name is the topic on over 15 threads. Thats pretty cool. I have posted my results so you should get some sales. Thanks again for the advice. My mom uses it now too and she bought your wrinkle cream and the lip thing but it hasn't come yet. Sincerely, Mark Davies Park Ridge IL.

To Miss Julie!

I am writing to you regarding auction #298675*** and the item Perfect Complexion Complex. I received last thursday and decided to wait until monday to begin my treatment. I'm not sure WHAT the product has in it, but immediatly after I swiped it on my skin I noticed a wonderful change! Can something like this work THAT FAST? My skin was instantly smoother and tighter. I applied another application of it on Tuesday at about the same time. I felt that this was enough, even though the directions say I could go ONE MORE day. On Thursday, my skin began to show signs of lifting and on Friday morning I did a warm compress and the entire face peeled.

All I can seem to think of to say is THANK YOU!!! I don't know where I will wind up, but by the looks of my skin TODAY I will look younger than my 19 year old daughter in NO TIME AT ALL! I decided to share my story online with some of my email pals on Chat Central. I was blown away when someone said they too, have used your products for many months with astonishing results! I said "well why didn't you tell me about it sooner"?

I've decided to stand up on my soapbox and proclaim to the world how much this has changed my life! You should have an informercial to get the word out about this! I would be happy to support your campaign in any way that I can as I am in Marketing and Management with (**********) in Denver. I have been to your website and purchased enough TCA complex to last me a lifetime. I also bought your City Lips lip Plumper, CollagenRX and a full jar of the Micro Crystals.

I LOVE the crystals too! I want to thank you for including the FREE GIFTS with my order.

Thanks again,

Gail Callahan

I want to send a word of caution out to all of my WONDERFUL customers who purchase from Ebay and my website.

Please don't be fooled by imitation products. I have seen listings by ROUGE TRADERS trying to imitate my products! I urge you to check SELLERS OTHER ITEMS and find out just what qualifications these people have to bottle their product. Most of them, I assure you, are mixing dangerous, unmeasured chemicals in their kitchen sink! If you have any questions or what further information on a similar product that you bought..please email me right away at

You get ONE FULL OZ. of Perfect Complexion TCA Complex!

Plus many free extras!!!

Special 'Thank-You' to my AMAZING customers who have sent me SO MANY REFERRALS from friends and family! You ALL know that I am here for you and if you have ANY questions or need help, I will do EVERYTHING I can for you!!


















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