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md3010II application of advanced technology production, selection of high quality components, the use of ABC Packaging Materials of the smartphone operating system and high-strength, light weight, long life. It has to detect the accurate positioning, strong induction, ease of operation, the appearance of new characteristics
Automatic identification of a metal - a metal detector can identify any kind of metal, unless you choose you do not need to detect metal.
LCD-function LCD with backlight, clear and eye-catching blue and white.
The goal: finding the target can be directly displayed on the LCD.
Probing depth of 2-3 meters (Note: The depth of the standard test is a manufacturer of laboratory test data, the actual detection of the depth with the probe metal size, shape, weight, soil has a great relationship, in general, the larger the area more, the number of the corresponding probing depth; the contrary, the smaller the area, the fewer the number the smaller the corresponding depth, loess black soil deep probing depth, minerals and more shallow because of interference)
Custom search of metal - you can choose any you want to test or not to detect metal objects.
Search to determine metal independent voices - do not look at the LCD or can not rely on the LCD, you can still rely on a different tone to identify search metal objects.
No external cable - the cable is hidden inside the metal detector. Within the system of small five core metal screw-type connector, strong and durable, the complete elimination of the connector off and inserts damage
Headphones - you can use headphones (Note: with no headphones, ordinary 3.5mm MP3 headphones).
Sound Control - Sound size control, automatic switching of external speakers and headphones.
Battery battery indicator - battery power is displayed on the LCD.
Waterproof search the disk - can prevent splashing.
You can freely adjust the height of metal detectors - the obviousness of regulating metal detector height, and makes users more convenient and comfortable.
Power - 6 5, 1.5V alkaline batteries. Greatly enhance the working hours.