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Mazinger Z Complete DVD
Collection TV Series
Complete Collection - #1-92
Rated: Teen+
| Format:

| Style: Anime / Japanimation
DVD Details:

Episodes: #1-92
(Complete Series)

Type of Series: TV
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English, Italian, Chinese
Running Time: Approx. 2300 minutes
Screen: 4:3
Features: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection
Format: DVD, NTSC, All Region
DVDs: 9
Condition: Brand New, Factory Sealed
Art Style: Anime / Japanimation
Series Rating:
out of 10

- based on over
158 user ratings from around the web
Mazinger Z
From the island of Bardos in the Aegean Sea comes a
new threat to humanity in the form of Doctor Hell and his army of
mechanical beasts. However, a new hero stands in his way: Mazinger
Z, a giant robot built out of the indestructible metal chogokin and
equipped with an arsenal of advanced weaponry. Piloting Mazinger Z
is hotheaded teenager Kouji Kabuto, who strives to avenge the death
of his grandfather and protect Japan from Doctor Hell's
Mazinger Z is also known as: Tranzor Z.
This Mazinger Z
DVD Collection has three box sets total and contains the entire TV
Series. It comes in a keep sake cases with great series artwork
through out. Spanish Subtitles are included for episodes #1-36. A
hard series to find on DVD at a huge discount.
Mazinger Z Themes (
Adventure, Mecha, Sci-fi, Shounen, Drama

Mazinger Z
Mazinger Z
Episode List:

1. Birth of the Wondrous Robot
2. Stop the Ashura army
3. Operation annihilate Mazinger Z
4. Mazinger Z driven into a corner
5. Ghost Mazinger appearance
6. Doctor Hell's pair of great mechanical beasts
7. Baron Ashura's great strategy
8. Great devil Abdora's true form
9. Deimos F3 is the demon's bastard son
10. Strong arm flying in the sky Daian
11. Blast phantom's gun Garen!!
12. Traitor! Great transformation robot Bicong
13. Demon's great slalom attack!!
14. Infuriate! Sleeping giant Spartan
15. Operation great tsunami mechanical beast
16. Kouji Kabuto's assassination order!!
17. Abyss mechanical beast Holzon V3
18. Pirate gang of blood Glossam!
19. Flying devil beast Devira X!!
20. Flying mechanical beast Stronger
21. Ghost Town's Duel
22. Ambush attack!! Sea floor stronghold Salude
23. Mechanical beast Dan Dan operation big wheel
24. Mach mechanical beast Jinrai
25. Third brother Aeros operation big eruption
26. Clash! Samurai Kouji VS Ashura mechanical beast
27. Aphrodite A operation take lives
28. Dark command, operation steal super-alloy
29. Great reversal Mazin Power!!
30. Watch out Shiro, launch Mazinger Z!!
31. Prisoner beast machine operation electromagnetic waves
32. Three headed beast machine of terror
33. Big air-raid! Baras K is the sky's outlaw
34. Deep red flash of lightning, sky flying Mazinger
35. God of death mechanical beast, Desma's fierce attack
36. Metamorphosis mechanical beast living in the Great Lakes
37. Messenger from the darkness, scrander certain kill
38. Enigmatic robot Minerva X
39. Challenge risking the life! Crimson sea Salude
40. Devil governor count Brocken
41. Broken wings sky's struggle to the death
42. Devil's command!! Concentrated attack on air and land
43. Assault!! Parachute surprise attack force
44. Big charge!! Bottom of new sea stronghold Rood
45. Photonic Energy Research Lab devil's target!
46. Ninja twin mechanical beasts appear
47. Heroic! Operation Hell's W
48. Boss Robot combat initiation!!
49. Great fight of the robot of madness
50. Shooting down!! Jet Scrander
51. Assasins from hell Skull's Army!
52. Kouji's crisis, Sayaka mobilizes Mazinger!
53. Second step metamorphosis!! Eye deceiving mechanical
54. Explosion!! Powerful Rocket Punch!!
55. Mt. Fuji great straight descent operation
56. Stolen super-alloy Z!
57. Dr. Hell's Japan occupation!!
58. Front base hell's castle!!
59. Hell's castle, the devil's battle proclamation!!
60. Mazinger Z secret weapon shooting!!
61. Song of the robot of fate Ryne X
62. Unexpected?! Boss Robot mid-air flight
63. The beautiful girl carrying a bomb
64. Woman 007 VS Brocken devilish homicide
65. The ballon bomb carried by the wind
66. Shapeless hitman Jenova M9
67. Don't cry Kouji! The life placed in the Cross
68. The bodyguard from hell Archduke Gorgon
69. Air solution! Hover Pilder
70. Invulnerable commander Kouji Kabuto!!
71. Crisis relief!! New Pilder GO!!
72. Certain kill!! Giant swing Rocket Punch
73. Abducted Mazinger Z
74. Heroic!! End of Aphrodite A!!
75. Suicidal attack! Gorgon's mechanical beast
76. Lover of the era Diana A!
77. Dying officer Count Brocken
78. Baron Ashura's falls in the Pacific Ocean!!
79. One second before Mazinger's explosion!!
80. Fall in Birds Island's trap!!
81. Sleep in hell!! Kouji Kabuto!!
82. The one who crossed the Devil's hand, Mazinger Z
83. First meeting!! Demon Officer Viscount Pigman!!
84. The deep sea is the graveyard of Mazinger Z!!
85. Bizarre!! The black shadow's attack!!
86. General attack! Triple great operation of death
87. Bomb victim!! The terrorific Pigman Viscount!!
88. Life or death? Hell's Island's battle to an inevitable
89. Now or never!! The 4,000m under earth wonder!!
90. Enrage Shiro!! Defeat your mother's vestige!!
91. Last Chance!! Dr. Hell's decisive battle to the death!!
92. Death Match!! Resurrect our Mazinger Z!!