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A massive, hugely muscled cop pulls in a kid
suspected of a petty crime. As he begins the questioning, the kid
makes a bolt for the door in an attempt to escape. The cop decides
to teach the kid a lesson by punishing him with a series of
pythonic wrestling holds. The kid, who weighs about 150 pounds,
doesn't stand a chance against the nearly 300-pound bodybuilder
Headlocks, head scissors, body scissors, armlocks,
leglocks ... the cop decides to try them all. Each hold lasts
several minutes as the kid can only try to squirm away. One of the
head scissors is just awesome as the cop's legs are huge and just
about completely devour the poor kid's head! The cop just laughs
and verbally taunts him throughout, and also likes to flex his
muscles in between holds. DVD runs 46 minutes. Contains no sex or
nudity. This is a custom DVD I paid $1500 to have produced.